Dog Safety

In a nation that sells bottled water for pets that don't think twice about drinking out of toilets, it's not surprising that car-safety products for dogs have joined squeak toys, rawhide bones, and leashes as staples of pet supply stores.

If you own a pooch and plan to travel with your pet, here are some of the more popular car-safety dog products on the market.

Pet Travel Calm Mist

This spray, made from the same type of ingredients normally found in complimentary hotel shower gels―lavender, ginger, tangerine―claims to calm dogs that don't travel well. Product testimonials say it stems drooling and vomiting, those two canine car conditions that transform you from feeling like you're driving your pet to feeling like you're driving a friend following Friday night happy hour. The spray leaves behind no sticky residue.

Coolie Collars

Designed to keep your dog cool in the car, these bandana-like collars come with ice-pack inserts. Not only does it keep your dog comfortable, but gives unsuspecting fleas frost bite.

Pet Travel Hammock

Hammock might be a stretch. There is no netting involved. This product instead resembles a giant soft flour tortilla that attaches to the back of the front-seat headrests and drapes down across the back seats. This prevents your dog from tumbling onto the floor during quick stops or unexpected swerves. It also makes it harder for your pet to climb into the front seat.

Personalized Pet Car Seat

If you own a dog named Princess, Fluffy, or Lady Winky, this product is for you. Designed for small dogs (less than 10 pounds), this elevated, square cotton canvas carrier easily attaches to any seat, allowing your prized pooch to look out the window. An included safety harness prevents driving distractions by keeping your pet from jumping in and out.

Travel Harness

By any other name, this collection of straps is a seatbelt. It fits around the back of your dog's front legs, giving your pet the same security enjoyed by human passengers. Most models conveniently attach to seatbelt buckles, while others tether via your vehicle's round bar. Not only does this protect your dog, but it also keeps the pooch from restlessly leaping back and forth between the front and back seats.

Dog Ramp

It sucks getting old, even for dogs. Designed for dogs long in years, dog ramps allow your pet to enter and exit cars without having to leap, jump, or wait for an embarrassing lift, especially when in the presence of cats. Depending on the height of your vehicle, you can choose a long or a short ramp. Some models conveniently convert into floating devices, allowing your dog easy in and out access to swimming pools or onto docks or boats.

Dog Goggles

Known in pet-owner-speak as "doggles," these fashion statements look like a cross between swimming goggles and World War I aviator glasses. Doggles feature an adjustable strap with foam-cushioned lenses, preventing the eyewear from blowing off every time your dog leans its head out the car window. And you, as an owner, can sleep soundly at night knowing the glasses also afford your pet's eyes 100% UV protection.

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