The Advantages of Bluetooth

If you've never heard of Bluetooth, come in from the Dark Ages. Bluetooth provides you with added convenience and flexibility, and chances are your laptop, cell phone, PDA or digital camera already has it.

Bluetooth is a standardized short-range wireless communication technology that uses a low-power radio frequency. It sucks up very little energy, it's low-cost, and it's interoperable, even if your stuff is made by different manufacturers.

With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can make your cell phone, laptop, PDA, and car stereo "talk" to each other.

Bluetooth's transmission range is about 30 feet, making it the perfect medium for linking devices close by. No fiddling with cables, and you can move your network wherever you want―easily!


The Bluetooth symbol tells you they've been tested and conform to interoperability standards. It allows one type of device, such as a headset, to communicate wirelessly with another type of device, like a car stereo, laptop, or cell phone. Devices with the same Bluetooth "profile" can communicate automatically.

You too can look like a Star Trek extra by wearing a tiny headset under your hair that wirelessly connects to your cell phone. Bluetooth also lets you connect to a local-area network via a wireless access point, wirelessly connect your laptop to a printer, or connect a keyboard to your cellular telephone.

Unlike WiFi, you can use Bluetooth in a mobile environment, such as when you are walking around using your PDA or talking on your cell phone.

Other possibilities include:

  • Linking your GPS to your phone so you can access GPS maps while the GPS is stowed away.
  • Using a wireless headset embedded in your sunglasses to listen to your MP3 player while running. Look, Ma, no wires!
  • Using a wireless mouse with your phone, making mobile e-mail easier.
  • Hooking up your laptop and cell phone, giving you mobile Internet access wherever you have phone service―and at less cost than paying a mobile wireless Internet service provider.

These are only some of the uses that have been developed. Many future applications exist, especially now that so many devices are being manufactured as Bluetooth-enabled.

Bluetooth and Your Vehicle

New Ways to Link

Many cars today are being built with Bluetooth-enabled stereos that can sync with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

While you're in the car, link the phone to your stereo and talk through the stereo speakers with the vehicle's built-in microphone. It's an instant hands-free way to talk so you can use your cell phone while driving, without ever having to touch your phone or connect it in any way to the car.

Further, you can keep one phone number. You don't have to install a separate car phone or OnStar device (with a different phone number) to talk safely, wirelessly, and hands-free while driving.

If the phone you have has Bluetooth capabilities, simply turn the phone on, and make calls from anywhere in your car―wirelessly. There is no docking station required, and you don't have to subscribe to another phone service.

For those of you who don't have such new vehicles, you can get a hands-free car kit for your Bluetooth phone that does not require hardwiring.

Synchronization of Data Devices

Do you want to transfer your cell phone's address book to your laptop contact system and your Blackberry contact list, or sync your calendars? Do it wirelessly with Bluetooth.

The system is also allows you to transfer data either way. Transfer photos from your Bluetooth-enabled camera straight to a Bluetooth-enabled printer for prints, or from your computer back to your camera. Or transfer e-mail messages from phone to phone.

You don't require any special software or data cables for the devices to communicate with one another. You don't need any docking stations either, making it that much more convenient for people who move around a lot with their electronics.

We carry so many devices with us that Bluetooth's almost becoming more of a necessity than a party trick. More applications are being developed all the time. Far beyond a wireless hands-free phone system for your car, you'll find endless uses for Bluetooth once you start using it.

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