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  • RV & Motorhome Registration in Hawaii

    One thing you do not see too many of on the roads of Hawaii are the massive mini-homes on wheels known as recreational vehicles. Convertibles and mopeds are prevalent, long boards and sea kayaks are everywhere, but RVs and motor homes, well, they seem to be suited for the vast spaces of the mainland. Besides, if one of the larger RVs took to some of the smaller roads wildly winding around the islands (imagine one on the Hana Highway), they might tip over.
    HI RV & Motorhome Registration

    Some tourists will rent out smaller campers when they explore the islands by going from campground to campground, especially on the Big Island. Even some locals opt for this type of transportation, giving them the luxury of an instant bed after a long day of surfing. But the big RVs are just nowhere to be found and would not be that efficient.

    If you do decide to buy an RV, it will need to be inspected and registered just like any other vehicle. The only difference is going to be the annual cost to keep it registered. Since the annual taxes are based on vehicle weight, and RVs and motor homes weigh much more than a regular vehicle, it will cost you more to register it.

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