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  • Replacing a Lost Registration in Hawaii

    There are four possible things you might somehow lose involving vehicle registration: First, you may discover your inspection sticker missing; second, you may open the glove box and fail to find your actual registration document; third, if you own a decal supporting a nonprofit, that might disappear; and, finally, your vehicle license plate may mysteriously go AWOL.

    Although the state legislature regulates the process for obtaining new registration material, each county may have individual quirks. Thus, it is best to check with a local DMV office to find out the specific details for a particular county.

    Lost Inspection Sticker

    If you notice an inspection sticker is no longer attached to your car, getting a replacement sticker is easy. Simply go back to the shop that inspected the vehicle. Make sure you have any documents the shop gave you during the inspection. If everything checks out, you will get a replacement inspection sticker for free without having the vehicle undergo another inspection.

    Lost Registration Card

    City and County of Honolulu

    To replace a lost registration card you first need to fill out an Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration.(Form CS-L (MVR) 5). Once completed, mail the form to the address noted on the form with payment.  For fee information, please visit or call your local DMV.

    If you simply head into a local satellite office without the form, make sure to jot down a few important numbers prior to leaving: license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), and the month of the registration expires.

    Hawaii County

    Hawaii County also provides an online form to those seeking a duplicate registration card. Once you've completed it, you can either mail the form to the address noted on the document or take it in person to a local office. There is a $5.00 fee for a duplicate or replacement registration.   

    Maui County and Kauai County

    Replacing your lost or mutilated vehicle registration by downloading the Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration and return it in person or by mail to the address at the top of the form.  The fee is printed on the form (is usually around $10.00.)

    Lost Nonprofit Decal and/or License Plate

    Decals and license plates tend to fall into the same category and are usually replaced together. Although it is possible to lose (or have stolen) a decal while the plate remains intact, if the plate is gone chances are the decal is missing as well. Thus, obtaining a replacement for either involve the same form.

    Step One―Complete the Proper County Form

    Step Two―Take in or Mail the Forms

    If you have the option of completing an online form, you can mail the document to the address listed on the form along with the necessary fees. However, in most cases (e.g., turning in plates) you will need to visit a local county office:

    Step Three―Return all Plates

    If the reason for the replacement is due to plate mutilation or damage beyond recognition, you will need to turn it over to the DMV. The other plate, even if it remains undamaged, also goes back to the DMV. If you realize your plate is stolen, you'll still need to turn the other one in to the DMV before you receive a replacement.

    Step Four―Pay the Replacement Fee

    Fees vary depending from county to county.

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