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    Registering All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

    The state of Hawaii does not permit the four-wheeled vehicles in any state parks or on public roads. That basically rules out beaches, as well. Yet dealers continue to market ATVs in Hawaii and the machines continue to go out the door.

    Currently, Hawaii does not have any licensing regulations for ATVs although there are those in the legislature trying feverishly to change that.

    If you purchase an ATV, you should keep in mind that there are allotted spaces on the islands that allow off-road riding. Make sure to find out these locations from the dealer so you become a responsible rider. Presently, the law allows for citations if you are caught riding on a public road or beach and there are those in the capital trying to up the ante.

    Electric Carts/Global Electronic Mobile (GEM) Cars

    The islands have plenty of environs that are conducive to what the state calls "neighborhood electric carts" (a.k.a. GEM cars). Plus, the electric motor means the vehicles are emissions-free and perfectly quiet.

    But these custom carts that come in all sorts of designs can zoom along the roads at speeds topping 20 mph and use the public roadways. Not the main drags of towns by any means, but you will see them in quite a few neighborhoods (hence the creative name conceived by the state) around the islands.

    Thus, the vehicles need to be registered. The process is much like registering a regular vehicle, including the need for a personal visit to your local DMV office. There are, however, just two differences.

    The first difference is that the DMV requires you to sign an affidavit stating the vehicle meets the conditions of state statute 291C-0134. The statute involves having printed material posted in the vehicle so the driver can see it at all times.

    The second difference is the type of license plates the electric vehicle receives.

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    Registering Other Vehicles

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