Motorcycle Registration in Hawaii

Just like any other vehicle on the roads of Hawaii, a motorcycle or scooter must be registered. And even though most only have half the number the wheels of cars and trucks, the registration process is essentially the same.

Thus, you will need to have insurance. Most of the major players in the insurance industry with offices on the islands will provide coverage. And if you complete the Motorcycle Safety Education Program, you might get a discount on your insurance rates.

Before you do make the decision to drop the cash for a new bike, consult with a few insurance companies to make sure that you can obtain the minimum levels of coverage required by the state.

The insurance factor is imperative and is the wild card with owning a motorcycle. No insurance means you will be unable to get the bike inspected. Without an inspection certificate, you can't register the bike in Hawaii.

The good news is that once your bike is insured, the registration will cost quite a bit less than it does for a car or truck. Considering that registration costs are based on weight, and bikes do not weigh that much in comparison to other vehicles, you may just see a flat fee each year. Check with your customer service rep for your exact fees.

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