Lemon Law Attorneys in Hawaii

SUMMARY: Lemon Law Attorneys in Hawaii

If your new car is defective, you'll want to contact lemon law attorneys in your area to ensure you are fully reimbursed. Hiring a lawyer to represent you can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome and relieve any stress you may have about your case.

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Hire a Hawaii Lemon Law Attorney

Before you commit to a lemon law lawyer in Hawaii, do your research. You'll want to find an attorney that:

  • Comes recommended and can offer positive testimonials.
  • Is experienced in Hawaii lemon law cases.
    • Attorneys who only know about a different state's lemon law won't be very useful to you.
  • Has a good track record.
    • Ask about the outcome of the attorney's previous cases.
  • You feel comfortable with and can trust.

Speak to a number of Hawaii lawyers before you make your final decision; you want to make sure your lemon law attorney is someone who you can rely on.

Benefits of Lemon Law Attorneys

In Hawaii, you have the following options to settle a lemon law dispute:

  • Take the manufacturer to court.
  • Request arbitration.

If your car manufacturer is being extremely difficult to deal with and you're unable to come to an agreement, going to court may be your only option.

A lawyer specializing in Hawaii lemon law can:

  • Represent you in court.
  • Take the stress out of the entire process.
  • Help you gather all required documents and receipts that may be used as evidence.
  • Explain how the lemon law works in Hawaii.
  • Explain your rights and what you're entitled to.

Above all, a lemon law attorney can help you win your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

When Do I Need a Lawyer in HI?

Contact a lemon law attorney in HI once you know your car is a lemon and you want to take the manufacturer to court.

Your car is deemed a lemon in Hawaii if it was purchased new and:

  • There have been 3 attempts or more made to fix your car's defect, to no avail.
  • Your car has been in a repair shop for at least 30 days in total to have the defect fixed.
  • The defect results in the car being too unsafe to drive (i.e., it could cause death).

The repair attempts must have been made within the first 2 years of owning the vehicle or within the first 24,000 miles. After this time, you car will not be covered under Hawaii's lemon law.

For more information, visit our HI Lemon Law page.

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