Fight Traffic Ticket in Hawaii

SUMMARY: How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Hawaii

If you want to fight your HI traffic ticket, you can submit your plea in writing, or request a court hearing. You can also fight to have your charges reduced, even if you were guilty of the traffic violation.

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NOTE: If you decide to simply pay your traffic ticket, learn how on our Paying HI Traffic Tickets page.

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty)

  • Pay the fine.
  • Go to court (if your citation indicates).
  • Have the violation show up on your traffic abstract.
  • Potential for higher auto insurance rates.

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Paying Your Traffic Ticket »

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty or Admit Litigated)

  • Contest the ticket during a hearing or in writing.
  • Admit guilt but explain your actions (if you choose this option).
  • Defend yourself or hire an attorney to represent you.
  • Potentially lose plea bargain options.
  • Pay only any applicable court cost and attorney fees if found not guilty.
  • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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Fight Your HI Traffic Ticket

If you want to fight your Hawaii traffic ticket, you must do so within 21 days of receiving the ticket, or you will be found “guilty" by default.

You can fight your HI traffic ticket either in person or by mail.

Either submit your “not guilty" plea or request for hearing in writing using the envelope provided with your traffic ticket. (If you did not receive an envelope, address a blank envelope to the appropriate Hawaii court.)

Mail or take the envelope with your statement in person to the relevant Hawaii traffic court (listed on your traffic ticket).

  • Hearing requests:
    • You will need to appear in court to plead your case and fight the charge.
    • The court will provide you with the date and time of your hearing.
  • Written statements:
    • Include any supporting evidence (e.g., photos, diagrams).
    • Statements must be factual and brief.

You will have 30 days to appeal the judge's decision if they find you “guilty." You will need to request a trial date; instructions will be provided upon receiving the judge's decision.

Don't Pay Too Much for Car Insurance

If you successfully fight your traffic ticket, it's wise to order your Hawaii driving record and make sure the violation doesn't show up. Your auto insurance rates could go up if your driving record is incorrect, so order yours today!

Fight for Reduced Charges in Hawaii

If you admit to committing the traffic offense but feel you have a valid explanation as to why it was necessary, you can fight for reduced or waived charges.

You can either:

  • Request a court hearing.
  • Submit a written statement.
    • Also include any supporting materials, such as photos or diagrams.

Submit your hearing request or your written statement to the Hawaii court using the envelope you received with your traffic ticket. (You can submit it either in person or by mail.)

NOTE: The Hawaii court must receive your explanation or request or hearing within 21 days of receiving your traffic ticket.

If you did not receive an envelope with your traffic ticket, you can use your own, but be sure to address it to the correct Hawaii court handling your case (should be listed on your traffic ticket).

The HI traffic court will notify you of your hearing date and time, if applicable.

NOTE: You cannot appeal the judge's decision.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

When fighting your traffic ticket, you may wish to hire a Hawaii traffic ticket attorney to help your case. A lawyer can help explain HI traffic laws and increase your chances of have your charges dropped.

To learn more about how a HI lawyer can help you or to find one in your area, visit our Traffic Ticket Attorneys page.

Hawaii Traffic Tickets: FAQs

If you still have questions about fighting your Hawaii traffic ticket or anything else to do with your charge, visit our Traffic Tickets FAQ page. You'll find information about:

  • Getting a traffic ticket if you have a:
    • Commercial driver's license (CDL).
    • Provisional driver's license.
  • Defensive driving courses in Hawaii.
  • Finding information about a lost traffic ticket.
  • Ordering a driving record.

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