Disability Plates and Placards in Hawaii

SUMMARY: Hawaii Disability Plates & Placards

Disability placards and license plates are available to residents of Hawaii with qualifying disabilities. You can apply for a placard or plate for handicapped parking in a few simple steps, and it's also easy to renew your disability permit. You can even get a replacement placard or plate if yours is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Read below for more information about disability placards and license plates in Hawaii.

Types of Disability Permits in Hawaii

Placards and license plates for handicapped parking are available throughout Hawaii from DMV offices and city satellite offices, in cooperation with the Hawaii Department of Health Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB).

The state of Hawaii offers several types of disability parking permits:

  • A temporary disability placard, if you have a disability expected to last no longer than 6 months.
  • A long-term disability placard, if you have a disability expected to last at least 6 years.
  • A disability license plate if you have:
    • A long-term disability.
    • A vehicle registered in your name.

Handicapped permits are issued based on medical certification by your doctor.

Visitors with Disabilities

If you are traveling to Hawaii, bring your handicap parking placard from your home state.

Disability placards from all U.S. states are recognized in HI and allow you to use designated disability parking while you are visiting.

Apply for Disability Parking in Hawaii

You can apply for a disability parking permit at:

Most county and city agencies accept disability parking placard and license plate applications in person ONLY.

NOTE: If you are unable to appear in person because of your disability, you can designate someone to submit your application on your behalf.

To apply, you will need:

  • The Person with a Disability Parking Permit Application (Form PA 2):
    • MUST include medical certification by a licensed physician who currently practices medicine.
  • A form of identification:
    • Driver's license.
    • State-issued ID card.
    • Tax clearance certificate.
    • Military ID.
      NOTE: If someone is applying on your behalf, they'll need to bring a copy of your identification.
  • Payment for applicable fees:
    • Temporary placard: $12 each.
    • Permanent placard is free.
    • Disability license plate: $5.50 plus any applicable registration fees.
      NOTE: Your local agency may charge additional service or processing fees.

Renew HI Handicap Placards & Plates

The renewal period for disability placards and license plates in Hawaii differs depending on your permit type.

A temporary Hawaii disability placard will be valid for as long as your doctor indicates, but no longer than 6 months. If you need the placard longer, you must apply for a new one.

Permanent disability placards are valid for 6 years. You should receive a renewal notice in the mail before your placard expires. To renew your placard, simply return the renewal notice by mail.

The HI DMV will send your renewed disability placard in the mail.

If you do not receive the renewal notice or have any questions, contact the DCAB at (808) 586-8121.

Disability license plates are valid as long as your vehicle registration is valid. To renew your license plates, you must renew your registration. You will also receive a permanent placard renewal notice from the DCAB every 6 years.

Replace Disability Placards & Plates

You can replace a disability placard or license plate if yours is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Replacement disabled parking placard applications are accepted in person at:

To replace a disability placard, you will need:

Replacement license plates are issued by your local HI city or county agency that handles license plates and vehicle registration. For more information, contact your local motor vehicle office.

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