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  • Change of Address in Hawaii

    Changing Your Address

    Upon a change of residence, you have only 30 days to notify the county you reside in (see locations below) of the move.

    In order to make sure you receive renewal notices and important county information, it is vital to keep your address current with the county you live in. Each county has different steps for notifying them about a change of address. These steps below only notify the county and allow them to update your records. If you wish to have your new address on your driver's license you must go to the county office and possibly pay a fee for a new driver's license that reflects your new address.

    Hawaii and Honolulu County

    Hawaii and Honolulu county requires you to write them a letter to notify the Hawaii County Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division or the Honolulu County Driver License Section office of an address change. The letter must include:

    • Your name as it appears on your current driver's license.
    • Your driver's license number.
    • Your birthdate.
    • The address as it appears on your driver's license.
    • Your new address (make a note by this with the words "New Address").

    For Hawaii County sign and mail this letter:

    Driver License Section
    349 Kapiolani Street
    Hilo, HI 96720

    For Honolulu County sign and mail this letter to:

    Driver License Section
    P.O. Box 30340
    Honolulu, HI 96820

    You can also fax you letter to (808) 832-2904

    If you wish to have your new address appear on your driver's license you will need to go in person to the Driver License Section office in Hawaii County or the Driver License Section office in Honolulu County. You will need to bring with you 2 documents proving your residential address.

    Maui County

    In order to notify the Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing in Maui county of an address change, you will need to fill out a Notice of Change of Address Form (Form DMVL 505). You may either drop this off in person, mail it to the address on the form or fax it to (808) 270-7858.

    Kauai County

    To let the county of Kauai know about an address change you will have to contact the Driver License Division at (808) 241-4242 to see what steps you need to update your address on their records.

    Remember the steps above only update the counties records. You must go in person to your county office to obtain a driver's license that reflects your new address. Whether you are charged a fee for this, depends entirely on the county.

    Change of Name

    In Hawaii, you need to appear in person at a local county office to report a name change to the DMV.

    You will need to have certified evidence of the name change. This can include a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or any court document making it official. In most instances you will be issued a new driver's license before you leave the building. You may need to pay a duplicate license fee.

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