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  • Changing Your Address in Hawaii

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    Changing Your Address

    Upon a change of residence, you have 30 days to notify your county (see locations below) of the move.

    Probably the best means to note the change, and the option recommended by the counties, is by appearing in person at a local office. In this case, you will either fill out a form or simply note the change to the examiner. This process is pretty laid back and should not take too long unless you are on Oahu, where lines tend to be longer.

    Change of Name

    In Hawaii, you need to appear in person at a local license office to report a name change to the DMV.

    You will need to have certified evidence of the name change. This can include a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or any court document making it official. In most instances you will be issued a new driver's license before you leave the building. You may need to pay a duplicate license fee.

    Office Locations

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