Guiding Principles

Meet Real Needs:

Everyone needs to get around. Most everyone requires certain services to do so: drivers licenses, registration and insurance, smog certificates, driver’s education, car purchasing guidance, etc. Rather than compete for market-share on things already being done well, our focus is to provide information and services that nearly everyone needs, with greater ease, efficiency, and value than available anywhere else.

Optimize Visitor Experience:

Our focus is to provide visitors with the best experience possible, knowing that all meaningful success stems from there. Happy customers create a successful business.

Do Good:

We aim to improve the quality of life in tangible ways for our visitors and everyone affected by our site. We measure progress towards meaningful goals and keep striving to do better. This is what motivates us.

Mutual Benefit:

Our visitors, our partners, and our company create a symbiotic ecosystem. Our business connects visitors to the products and services they are looking for. We only win when everyone else wins.

Long-range Focus:

We often imagine the future of transportation, the state of the environment, and the quality of life on the planet 100 years out. We have 25-year goals. We’re focused on creating long-term benefit, and we make all our short-term decisions with this in mind.


We are a for-benefit company. This means we are for-profit, focused on doing good. As such, we aren’t limited by the restrictions or fund-raising burdens of non-profits; or solely focused on maximizing profits to shareholders while externalizing costs like many traditional for-profits. We generate our own revenue, meeting real and important needs, and redirect a significant portion of those resources to additional social and environmental service projects.

Model Excellence:

It is one of our deep desires to change the way business operates globally, to be more ethical, transparent, socially and environmentally responsible, and truly working to do good while doing business. We strive to model the principles that we believe to be critical for our collective future, to serve as an example for other businesses to do similarly.

Create a Better Future:

Our goal is to meet people’s current needs, while seeking to influence public demand, corporate supply and infrastructure development towards a future of transportation that is safer, cleaner, and more functional for everyone.

Excellence is its Own Reward:

Money and recognition are nice but don’t tell us who we are. Ultimately, it is the drive to realize and express our own highest potential that moves us; the excellence of our own work is the personal factor that matters the most.

Continual Improvement:

The very best of what is currently possible is our starting point. As we seek to meet not only current but future anticipated needs, we explore and invent new technologies and ways of doing things, that don’t just keep up with but pace and positively direct our rapidly evolving high-tech world.

Value People:

Everyone who works with us is a genius in their own right. We believe everyone has genius in them: unique and special gifts formed by their unique life experiences. We know that the development and expression of these gifts requires an environment that inspires and evokes creativity, experimentation, and applied imagination. We strive to make our company such an environment.

Walk Our Talk:

Step by step, we integrate these values into the core infrastructures of our business practices and our legal charter. Company programs carry our principles throughout the working culture as well as into the world in the form of team volunteer services and sponsorship for causes we care about; local community building, pioneering team training and wellness programs, as well as long-range strategic projects to help evolve the transportation industry.

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