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    Note:If your court is not listed please follow the instructions on your ticket

    Know Your Options

    Pay Ticket
    (Plead Guilty or Nolo Contendere)

    • Pay the fine.
    • Accumulate driving record points (if applicable).
    • Possibly experience higher auto insurance rates.
    • Possibly attend court-ordered safety and education courses.
    • Voluntarily attend driving course to offset points and get an auto insurance discount.

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    Fight Ticket
    (Plead Not Guilty)

    • Contest the ticket during a hearing.
    • Work with a traffic ticket lawyer or represent yourself.
    • Face no penalties if found not guilty.
    • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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    What it Means to Pay Your GA Traffic Ticket

    Pleading guilty or nolo contendere to your GA traffic ticket and paying the fine means you’re admitting guilt or do not wish to contest the violation charges.

    Further considerations and penalties depend on your situation, such as the violation, your current driving record, and the court handling your ticket.

    • Most drivers can pay their fines using a convenient online, mail, or telephone option.
    • Whether you accumulate points depends on the violation.
    • You can offset your points by taking a sate-approved defensive driving course.
    • You may pay higher auto insurance rates, but your provider might offer a discount for taking a driving course.

    Note that:

    • If you’re a minor, certain violations could mean license suspension.
    • You must appear in court if your citation states a court appearance is mandatory.
    • Guilty pleas or convictions related to DUI carry much stiffer penalties than point accumulation and higher insurance rates.

    Your GA traffic citation should have a date printed on it by which you must either plead guilty and pay, or appear in court. If you fail to respond on or appear by this date, the DDS implements a policy referred to as “driver’s license as bail.” This means the state takes away―or suspends―your driver’s license in lieu of issuing an arrest warrant.

    Pleading Guilty as a GA CDL Driver

    CDL drivers can plead guilty and pay their fines like any other driver, but they must remember:

    • To notify their employers after receiving their citations.
    • Guilty pleas or verdicts of certain offenses result in more serious penalties than fines, points, and higher insurance.

    Learn more about CDL violations at Traffic Ticket Fines and Penalties.

    Plead Not Guilty

    For some drivers, pleading guilty and paying their fines is the most convenient way to handle their citations; for others, it’s not enough.

    You can schedule a hearing and fight your citation in court if you feel you were wrongly ticketed. Learn more at Fighting Your Traffic Ticket.

    Pay Your Georgia Traffic Ticket Online

    Neither the DDS nor the Georgia court system has a uniform online payment system in place for paying traffic tickets online; however, some individual counties do allow online payments.

    Check to see if your court allows drivers to pay traffic tickets online.

    Determine Where You Got Your GA Traffic Ticket

    Where you received your traffic ticket will determine to which court you’ll pay your fine. Check your ticket for violation location information; you’ll probably even find a mailing or physical address for the court.

    If you’ve lost or misplaced your ticket, visit our Lost GA Traffic Tickets section.

    Visit the Proper GA Website

    Nearly every lower level court in Georgia handles traffic ticket cases. This includes:

    • Municipal courts.
    • Magistrate courts.
    • Probate courts.
    • Juvenile courts.
    • State courts.

    The court that handles your ticket depends on where you received your ticket and the nature of your violation.

    Your citation should have the appropriate court name printed on it. You can visit your court’s website via the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia website.

    Pay Your GA Traffic Ticket

    If you’re not able to pay online, you’ll have to pay your fine directly to the court handling your ticket.

    Most GA traffic tickets include information about acceptable payment options and methods; however, if you don’t have this information, you can contact your court for it.

    Because courts vary on the payment options and methods they accept, be sure to ask whether:

    • You can pay by mail, over the phone, or in person.
    • Personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, and cash are accepted.

    Get Points Removed from Your Driving Record

    Georgia has a great point reduction system. You can take a state-approved defensive driving course, sometimes called a driver improvement course, to remove points from your driving record.

    Check out our GA Point Reduction section for more information.

    NOTE: The DDS doesn’t process all violations onto drivers’ records. Refer to our GA Point System and the state’s Reportable Violations List.

    Check Your Driving Record

    It’s important to keep up with your driving record to make sure:

    • Only the applicable points were added after you pleaded guilty and paid your fine.
    • The appropriate number of points were removed after you completed a driver improvement course.

    Shop for Better Auto insurance Rates

    Traffic ticket violations and higher auto insurance rates almost always go hand-in-hand.

    Talk with your provider about how your guilty plea will affect your rates the next time you renew your policy; if you find out you’re facing a rate hike, consider comparing car insurance policy rates online to find a better deal.