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SUMMARY: Lemon Law Attorneys in Georgia

Buying a vehicle that turns into a lemon is frustrating enough on its own, but getting involved in a battle with the manufacturer as you try to recover your costs can be all the more frustrating. Hiring a lemon lawyer can help you get a refund or replacement if you're vehicle qualifies as a lemon and your complaint doesn't yield results. If you decide to get legal help, follow our tips for hiring a GA lemon law attorney.

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Hiring Lemon Law Attorneys in GA

When you're dealing with a potential lemon and a vehicle manufacturer, keep in mind that because of the costs the automakers incur, many are hesitant to designate one of their vehicles as a "lemon".

Because of this, a manufacturer may work hand in hand with a dealer to avoid doing so. In situations like this, it is beneficial to obtain the services of a lawyer.

A lemon lawyer will understand your rights as they pertain to the state's Lemon Law and can work to compel your vehicle manufacturer to provide a refund or replacement of your vehicle.

Is My Vehicle a Lemon?

In Georgia, only new or demonstrator vehicles purchased or leased after January 1, 2009 are covered under the state's Lemon Law.

If you purchased your vehicle prior to this date, your vehicle is covered by the Warranty Rights Act. Contact the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection at (800) 869-1123 for more information.

In order for your vehicle to be assessed a lemon, it must have:

  • Had at least 3 attempts to repair a major defect that impairs the use or safety of the vehicle.
  • Been out of service for 30 days or more for repair of the same issue.

If the manufacturer is unable to fix the vehicle's defect, then your next step is to start a lemon law complaint.

How to File a Complaint

To begin the lemon law complaint process in Georgia, you must visit the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection website and follow the instructions listed on that page.

For more information, please refer to our Lemon Law in Georgia page.

If you file a complaint but are continuing to have trouble getting your manufacturer to comply, getting the help of an attorney experienced in lemon laws can be your best bet for recovering your expenses without a lengthy battle.

Tips for Hiring a GA Lemon Lawyer

When you search from all the lemon law attorneys available, be sure to ask about their:

  • Specific experience regarding the lemon law.
  • Success with lemon law cases.
  • Process for retaining fees.

In addition to finding an experienced lemon law attorney, you should also look for one you feel comfortable with. If something makes you unsure about a potential lawyer, just continue your search until you find one that is a proper fit.

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