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    To apply for a disability parking permit in Georgia, you will need to complete a Disabled Person's Parking Affidavit (Form MV-9D) and return it to your local Department of Revenue Georgia Tag Office. The placards are no longer available from the Department of Driver Services.

    Types of Parking Permits

    When applying for disabled parking permits, you have several options to choose from:

    • Temporary placard
    • Permanent placard
    • Special permanent parking permit for disabled drivers in specially equipped vehicles
    • Parking decal
    • License plate

    All of the above permits allow you to park in disabled parking spaces. You may not apply for both a decal and a license plate, but you may get additional placards with either one. Placards hang from the rear-view mirror in the vehicle occupied by the disabled person.

    How to Apply

    Whether you apply for a temporary or permanent permit depends on the nature of your disability. Your doctor must complete a portion of the application certifying your disability and whether it is temporary or permanent.

    When your application is complete and notarized, take it to your county tag office.

    Disability Defined

    Your doctor will need to certify any of the following conditions of your disability, based on criteria set forth by Georgia law:

    • Hearing impaired
    • Cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest
    • Cannot walk without assistance or use of wheelchair
    • Lung disease or severe breathing difficulty
    • Uses portable oxygen
    • Has severe cardiac condition
    • Is blind
    • Has limited walking ability due to arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition or complications due to pregnancy


    Georgia makes it easy for travelers to use their disabled parking permits. The state recognizes and honors all disabled parking permits, placards, and plates from other states, so disabled visitors are welcome to park in handicap spaces statewide. Disabled permits, placards, and plates issued in Georgia are also valid in all 50 states, so there's one less worry before you take that next road trip.

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