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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Georgia

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    GA Custom Built Car Registration

    Custom cars built in Georgia follow the same registration, title, and tag procedures as a regular passenger vehicle.

    You will need a valid Georgia driver's license, proof of insurance, and the appropriate fees and taxes. Georgia charges an $18 title fee and a $20 registration fee. Tag costs and taxes will vary by county.

    No title or certificate will be issued to any car unless it meets the emissions standards adopted by the state. Your vehicle will need to be inspected prior to being registered.

    Hobby and antique vehicles (or vehicles manufactured to resemble such vehicles) are eligible for a special license plate through the state of Georgia. These cars do not require any special permits to operate on the state's roadways, as long as they display a valid tag.

    Questions about registering, titling, and tagging your custom-built, hobby, or antique car should be directed to your county tax commissioner. This office can also tell you the specific fees involved to register and title your vehicle.

    Homemade trailers have their own registration process, and they receive special tags. Such trailers are not titled.

    Registration Periods

    Georgia has three registration periods, depending on where you live. Most of the counties use an open, year-round registration system. This means you register and renew your registration in the 30 days prior to your birthday each year. Registration ends on your birthday at midnight. Registrations are valid for 1 year.

    A few of the counties―Calhoun, Clay, Randolph, Stewart, and Turner―have a 4 month registration period. In these counties, you must renew your registration any time from January 1st to April 30th.

    Talbot County has the only staggered registration in the state. If your birthday falls in:

      • January, February, or March: Register January 1st to 31st.
      • April, May, or June: Register February 1st to 28th (or February 29th in leap years).
      • July, August, or September: Register March 1st to 31st.
      • October, November, or December: Register April 1st to 30th.