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    The Georgia Vehicle Code

    The Georgia vehicle code is Title 40 of the State Code, established by the Georgia General Assembly. The vehicle code covers the laws governing all aspects of motor vehicles within the state. This code is written for your benefit, and it may come in handy one day should you need to know specific laws about selling your car or handling a traffic ticket.

    Here are some examples of topics covered in the vehicle code:

    • Registration, title, and license plates: Section 40-2
    • Buying and selling vehicles: Section 40-4
    • Driver's licenses: Section 40-5
    • Traffic laws: Section 40-6
    • Off-road vehicles: Section 40-7
    • Accidents, insurance, and license suspensions: Section 40-9
    • Traffic tickets and court: Section 40-13

    Decoding the Code

    Understanding the organization of the vehicle code will help you find information quickly when you need it.

    The State Code has 53 titles, which are divided into chapters. These chapters are then broken down into smaller sections. The vehicle code is Title 40.

    Title 40, Chapter 2, Section 4 is written as "40-2-4." This particular law is divided even further into parts "a" and "b." It reads, "(a) It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to make, sell, or issue any license plate or re-validation decal.
    (b) Any person, firm, or corporation violating subsection (a) of this Code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."

    The website that hosts the vehicle code offers a handy search tool. You can type in keywords, and it will list the appropriate sections.

    The vehicle code is provided online as a public service and should not be used to settle legal matters. But it is a handy reference tool for all to use.

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