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    Ever wish you could rev the engine of a super fast car or motorcycle? Easily jump bodies of water and effortlessly maneuver your way around every obstacle in your path―all while surviving multiple head-on collisions and blowing dust in the faces of your opponents?

    With many of the video games out today, you can do just that.

    Video racing games allow players to race each other or the computer, striving to get from one point to another in the quickest amount of time, or to complete as many laps around a track as possible in a given amount of time.

    Video Game Consoles

    Video game consoles are the equipment pieces needed to play video games. Some are designed to be connected to television sets while others are handheld devices that can be taken anywhere, such as on road trips and vacations.

    Let's take a look at three of the most competitive video game developers around and their video game consoles and racing games.


    Founded in 1889, Nintendo Company, Limited, became a household name in America when it released the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

    Since then Nintendo became most famous for its characters Mario and Luigi and their constant quest to save the Princess in the Super Mario Bros. video games.

    However, Nintendo has also released a variety of video racing games in which players can race cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even ATVs.

    Nintendo racing games include SRS: Street Racing Syndicate, Big Mutha Truckers, Excitebike, NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup, and ATV: Thunder Ridge Racers.

    Players can play these games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and the handheld consoles Nintendo GameBoy and Nintendo DS.


    Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) is part of the Sony Corporation that was founded in 1993. SCEI not only researches, develops, produces, and sells its PlayStation game equipment, but it also develops and publishes the video games that work for PlayStation.

    PlayStation was released in America in 1995, and SCEI has since released PlayStation 2, PSX, PlayStation Portable, and is soon scheduled to release PlayStation 3.


    Microsoft Game Studios (MGS), launched in 2002 and owned by Microsoft Corporation, created the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles, as well as all video games that go along with them.

    Computer Video Games

    Not only can you play video games using your television or a handheld console, but you can also play them on your computer.

    Microsoft offers the Motocross Madness series, while Sony provides several computer games that you can play online.

    Game Themes

    Sometimes players want to feel more connected to their video game characters. This may be one reason why many video game developers release games with certain themes.

    Video game developers have released games with themes including trademark characters with which players are familiar outside of the video game world, as well as video games that are part of an ongoing series. With these kinds of games, players become well acquainted with the characters over a period of time.


    Aside from the NASCAR games we see with all three of the major video game developers, there are several other theme video racing games around, including games based on trademark names such as Hot Wheels, Micro Machines, Pac-Man, Disney, and The Simpsons.

    These games are developed with younger players in mind, though players of all ages enjoy them.


    There are several video racing game series that have been released by all major video game developers; however, there has been one series released that can be played on all major video game consoles, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as computers. This series is the Need for Speed series.

    The Need for Speed video racing game series, originally developed by Distinctive Software but now owned and further developed by Electronic Arts, offers players the chance to experience racing fantasies, but encourages them to practice safe and legal driving habits in real life.

    Video Games Vs. Real Life

    Players should take note of Electronic Arts' warning. Video racing games are created for players to live the fantasy that they can drive super fast speeds, jump over obstacles, knock other vehicles off the road, and survive head-on collisions.

    In real life, neither you nor your car can survive this kind of driving behavior. Always drive safely, legally, and responsibly when driving in real life.

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