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  • Car-related Flicks & Clips

    Ah, the car flick. What better way to gear up for a road trip, buying a new car, selling an old car, or just getting a taste of the incredible experiences that go along with cars and driving.

    With the important role they play in our everyday lives, it's no wonder that cars are the stars of many of our favorite movies and TV shows.

    In addition, today we have video clips, increasingly available online from manufacturers anxious to show off their latest wheels with the latest technology.

    Off to the Races

    One of the classic car flicks would have to be The Gumball Rally, the original crazy, cross-country race film. This show has some older stars when they were younger, some beautiful classic cars, and it's the real deal―the actors actually did the driving in this one!

    Of course the concept was brought into the 1980s with The Cannonball Run, which drove the same theme with a heavier dose of silliness, along with Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett.

    A more modern movie series centered on speed and street racing cars is the Fast and the Furious films, which also feature some silly plot moments, but manage to show off the latest trends in customized and tricked-out cars, as well as illegal street racing. This is also a good reminder to all drivers that the place for stunt driving, speeding, screeching, and racing is on the silver screen, and not on public streets and highways, where other lives and property could be at risk.

    Motoring Fun

    Another popular modern car flick is the Pixar animated feature Cars, which is well-suited to children and families, but is also a fun ride for adults.

    For a ride back in time for many, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the magic car movie, comes to mind. This also sparked a series of living wheels that brought personality to America's favorite product, with the original The Love Bug and the more recent Herbie Fully Loaded.

    Other fun car flicks include Smokey and the Bandit, and the James Bond movies, which usually have some cool auto gadgetry for car enthusiasts.

    Accelerating to the Edge

    Some car films are more suited to adults, such as Road Trip, and some have a much edgier feel and ride, such as the classic Mad Max and Road Warrior, which portray Mel Gibson as a loner motorist in some post-collapse world where fuel is scarce and characters are scary.

    For an even darker look at the vehicle, there is Stephen King's Christine, the story of a classic car turned killer.

    Whatever your car specialty, interest, or fantasy, there are plenty of movies with wheels to choose from, and finding them was never easier with services such as the Internet Movie Database.

    Culture of the Car

    Hollywood has always been a bit of a mirror to America, and the movies about vehicles are usually a reflection of the times. Take the counter-culture classic Easy Rider, perhaps the most authoritative film on motorcycling.

    Other cultural car icons include the ride back to the strip with American Graffiti, and more recently, the profound and critically acclaimed Crash.

    Auto Clips

    Repetitive, sometimes annoying car commercials on television used to be the only way to get a look at the new models, but thanks to the Internet, videos, and other high-quality graphics, a look at the hottest new cars and trucks is only a few clicks away. With all of the used cars for sale online, you can also usually track down at least an image of almost any make and model of car.

    Most major vehicle manufacturers now offer pictures and video of their current models, and some companies, including BMW (Mini Cooper), have chosen to advertise only through the Internet and other alternative means, such as billboards. Other car companies have experimented on the Web, such as BMW's portrayal of an online car ad as a short film online.

    The continuing importance of cars in our lives is also apparent when looking at the latest news and video communities on the Web, including and Check here to see cool car clips, or even chase footage―whatever revs your engine!