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  • Title Transfers in Florida

    How to transfer a car title in Florida:

    • Seller creates bill of sale.
    • Seller and buyer sign/complete the appropriate sections on the title.
    • Buyer visits local Florida tax collector's office.
    • Buyer providers proof of insurance.
    • Buyer pays $75.25 title fee and any taxes.
    • Please read below for more details on Florida title transfers.

    Selling a Vehicle

    Selling a vehicle is hard work. One way to win over your buyer is to show that you're honest and open by purchasing a vehicle history report for your car.

    Transferring the vehicle's title when you sell is straightforward.

    1. Locate your title.
    2. Fill in the “Transfer of Title by Seller" section.
    3. Fill out the odometer reading, sale price, and date.
    4. You and the buyer sign the form.
    5. The buyer takes this to the tax collector's office.

    Filling out a bill of sale isn't a bad idea, either. That way, you can prove you sold the car in case the buyer gets into an accident before it gets registered.

    And don't forget to remove the license plates.

    Buying a Vehicle

    New Cars

    The best part of buying a new car besides that new car smell is that the dealer takes care of the title transfer for you. The title fee of $77.25 may be included with all the other fees that you pay.

    Used Cars

    Before you buy the car, you should get an insurance quote, too. Insurance rates vary by car, and this payment must figure into your overall budget.

    1. Get a bill of sale so sales tax can be properly calculated.
    2. Have the seller fill out the odometer reading (double check this) and sales price.
    3. Both of you sign and date the title.
    4. Take your insurance card or a Florida insurance affidavit (Form HSMV 83330) in to a tax collector's office.
    5. Pay $75.25 for a car previously registered in Florida; an additional $2.50 is charged if you need a paper title ($77.75) and $2 should you need to record a lien. Other fees apply if it's from another state. Expedited service is available at some locations for $10 extra.
    6. Don't forget to take your ID and be prepared to register your car, too.

    Lien Release

    If you bought your car using a car loan, your lender will hold the title until you have finished paying off the loan completely. Once your final payment is processed, your lender with notify the FHSMV of a lien release on your car. You can then request a paper title for your vehicle online at the FHSMV Virtual Office website, or in person at any tax collector office.

    Gift Transfers

    Whether you're giving the car to a family member or a stranger off the street, the procedure is the same. There is no sales tax on gift transfers. You may need to:

    1. Fill out a bill of sale as proof that this was a gift.
    2. On the back of the title, have the owner fill out the odometer reading. Where it says sales price, write “gift."
    3. Both of you sign and date the title.
    4. Take your insurance card or a Florida insurance affidavit (Form HSMV 83330) in to a tax collector's office.
    5. Pay the fees.
    6. Take your ID and register your car, too.

    Donating a Vehicle

    Donating a car is good for the morale and the pocket book. Doing so can earn you a hefty income tax break.

    Making Name Corrections

    Changing a Name

    If your name has changed because of a marriage, divorce, or other legal proceeding, you don't have to reflect the change on the title. But, if you want to do so, take the following steps. You may need to visit your local DMV office:

    1. Fill out an Application for Certificate of Title (Form HSMV 82040) at a tax collector's office.
    2. Pay the title fee.
    3. Bring proof of your name change, such as the marriage certificate or divorce decree.

    If you don't have this proof, you can get a copy.

    While you're at it, you'll need to change your name on other DMV records, too.


    HSMV 82040

    Complete this form to title a vehicle in your name.

    HSMV 83330

    This form is used to certify that you have the car insurance required for vehicle registration.

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