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  • Replacing a Lost CDL in Florida

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    Lost or Stolen

    If your Florida commercial driver license (CDL) is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you'll need to apply for a duplicate license in person at your local driver license office. Be prepared to show valid documents (usually a birth certificate and Social Security card) that prove your identity, and pay $25.

    Notifying the police is not necessary in the case of lost or destroyed licenses. However, if your license was stolen and you do file a police report, the duplicate license fee will be waived.

    Updating Information

    Even if your license hasn't been lost or stolen, you may need to apply for a duplicate if you change your address or name, or if the information printed on your license is incorrect. Simply follow the same steps as listed above to receive a replacement. Duplicate CDLs are not obtainable online or by phone or mail at this time.

    For information on replacing non-commercial Florida driver licenses, see our pages on replacing a lost license and changing your address.

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