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    With the great weather that Florida is blessed with, it's no wonder that all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-highway motorcycles (OHMs) are immensely popular throughout the state. So, let's take a look at some of the rules and regulations regarding these vehicles.

    By the way, if you're interested in information about boats, recreational vehicles, or custom-built vehicles, we have separate sections covering these vehicles.

    Off-Highway Vehicles

    In Florida, both ATVs and OHMs fall under the umbrella of off-highway vehicles (OHVs). What exactly is an OHV? It's defined by state lawmakers as any ATV, two-rider ATV, or OHM meant to be used off the state's roads and highways, and that isn't registered and licensed for highway use.

    With that in mind, here's how the state defines ATVs and OHMs:


    This is a motorized vehicle meant for a single rider. It will be 50 inches or less in width, with an unladen dry weight of 1,200 pounds or less. It travels on three or more low-pressure tires, and has a seat that the operator straddles. It also has a handlebar-type steering control.


    An OHM is described as any motor vehicle that travels on 2 or fewer wheels, and is meant for use off of Florida roads and highways. It should also feature a seat for the rider. This doesn't include mopeds or tractors.

    ATV/OHM Titling, Registration, and Licensing

    All OHVs purchased after July 1, 2002, need to be titled. If you bought your OHV before that and use the vehicle on public lands, your vehicle also needs a title.

    The titling fee is $45 for a paper title. Apply for the title at a county tax collector or driver license office. Be sure to complete a title application and follow the procedures listed in the state's OHV titling brochure.

    For ATVs, the title decal must be affixed in a clearly visible spot on the left rear quadrant of the vehicle. For OHMs, the decal goes on the left fork leg, in a location easily visible from the left side of the bike. Need to see a picture? The state provides visual guidance in its OHV brochure.

    Additional Information

    The state Division of Forestry provides additional information on OHV use, including public and private riding areas.

    Registering Boats, RVs, and Custom-built Vehicles

    Visit the following sections for registration information on the following vehicles:

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