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    New Permit Application

    Obtaining a Florida disabled parking permit is a simple procedure, as long as you have a qualifying disability. These disabilities can be found on the Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit (Form HSMV 83039).

    Applying for a Permit

    Once you receive your parking permit, you can also apply for a disabled (wheelchair logo) license plate at your local tax collector's office. You'll need to surrender your current license plate in exchange for the new one.

    The parking permit must be hung on the rearview mirror of the vehicle, and the permit number must be visible to someone standing outside the vehicle.

    Permit Renewal

    If you have a long-term permit, you should receive a renewal notice as your expiration date nears. Submit a copy of your current permit registration and proof of your valid driver's license or identification card to your local tax collector's office. Contact the tax collector in your county with any questions.

    Extensions are not allowed on temporary permits, so if your disability persists after your permit expires, you'll need to submit another application for a new temporary permit.

    Abuse of a Florida Disability Parking Permit

    Keep in mind that the disabled permit entitles an individual, not the vehicle, to the special parking privileges. Anyone who unlawfully uses a disabled parking permit could be fined or even receive time in jail.

    Do not loan your parking permit to friends or relatives. Even if someone is driving your vehicle to take care of your personal business, he or she can still be fined if you are not present in the vehicle at the time.

    Out-of-State Disability Parking Permit

    If you are visiting Florida and have a disability parking permit from another state, you do not need to apply for a temporary permit during your stay. Florida currently recognizes all disability permits from other states.

    Permit Replacement

    If your disabled parking permit is lost, stolen, or damaged, you may replace it by going to a tax collector's office with your driver's license.

    If your disabled parking plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, follow the procedures listed on our Replacing a Lost Registration for replacing license plates.

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