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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Florida

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    Custom-Built Car Registration in Florida

    Registering and titling your custom-built car doesn't have to be as complicated as the car construction itself. In fact, it's much like registering any other car, with just a few extra steps along the way.

    Continue reading this page to find all the information you need to register your street rod or custom-built vehicle in Florida.

    Custom Vehicle vs. Street Rod

    Your vehicle is considered a custom vehicle by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) if it meets the following criteria:

    • The vehicle is at least 25 years old with a model year after 1948 OR looks like a vehicle that meets the aforesaid description.
    • The vehicle has been modified from its original specifications with a body constructed from non-original parts.

    A street rod is a modified vehicle that was constructed in 1949 or earlier (or has been manufactured to look like such a model). Your street rod must meet all Florida-mandated equipment and safety standards that were enforced during the model year that is listed on the certificate of title. However, you may only use this vehicle for "exhibition." In other words, you cannot use them on the street for daily use or "general transportation."

    Registering Your Custom Vehicle or Street Rod

    In order to get your custom vehicle on the road legally in Florida, you'll be required to submit all forms and documentation to your local county tax collector's office to register and title your custom car.

    To register a street rod or custom-built vehicle, you'll need to:

    • Complete an Application for Registration of a Street Rod, Custom Vehicle, Horseless Carriage or Antique (Permanent) (Form HSMV 83045).
      • The vehicle must have been manufactured before 1949 to be considered a street rod or after 1948 and 25 years old or older to be considered a custom vehicle.
    • Pay all applicable license tax and processing fees. For more details about specific titling fees and registration fees in Florida, please visit the FL DMV website.
      • The processing fee is $3.
    • Provide a written affidavit that your custom vehicle meets the FL-state standards for safety and equipment.
      • The vehicle need only meet the requirements in effect in Florida as a condition of the vehicle sale in the model year that is shown on the certificate of title.


    1. Your vehicle under this type of registration will be exempt from any local ordinance that requires vehicle inspections or emissions testing.
    2. The license plate for your custom vehicle or street rod must be processed at a county tax collector's agency or license plate agency.

    Replacing a Lost Title

    If you happen to lose the title for your custom vehicle, you'll need to apply for a duplicate title with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). In addition to your identification, you will need to provide the completed application as well as an odometer disclosure statement and lienholder information (if applicable).

    For more information on the process of applying for a duplicate FL vehicle title, please view our page about Replacing a Lost Title in Florida.