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    Topics for Applicants

    Both dealer applicants and licensed dealers will find plenty of helpful information in the lengthy Florida Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, and Recreational Vehicle Dealers' Handbook.

    Dealer applicants can read about topics such as:

    • License types
    • Licensing periods
    • Initial licensing fees
    • Zoning requirements
    • Location requirements
    • Surety bond requirements
    • Application filing procedures
    • Application denial procedures

    Topics for Experienced Dealers

    Meanwhile, experienced dealers can learn about a diversity of topics such as:

    • License modification procedures
    • Customer complaint handling
    • Temporary tags
    • Registration processes
    • Title and lien processes
    • odometer readings
    • Vehicle identification number verifications
    • Sales transaction procedures
    • Consignment sales
    • Demonstrator vehicles
    • License maintenance
    • License renewals


    The book is meant as a reference guide, so both applicants and veteran dealers should have a copy handy. Unfortunately, the handbook is not widely available throughout the state and cannot be ordered, but it is always available by download.

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