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Taking your DMV written drivers license test can be a tricky proposition. Even for seasoned drivers, passing the written drivers license exam isn't a sure thing. So, how can you best protect yourself from failing the written exam?

Practice. A lot....

Our sample driver's license practice test is designed to give you a basic understanding of the kind of questions you'll be given when taking the driver's license written exam. We've taken sample questions from our bank of drivers license practice test and listed 7 of them for you review. You'll see that some of the practice test questions have very similar answers - which is why passing your DMV driver's license test is so difficult. And depending on which license exam you're taking, a passing grade is usually 80%.

Take our sample DMV driving license practice test and see how you do. And if you need help, here are two helpful hints:

  • Study your DMV drivers manual to thoroughly learn the rules of the road.
  • Get a 50 or 100 question practice test so you can test yourself over and over until you feel comfortable with the exam and practice test questions.

By following these two hints, you'll be more familiar with the material, you'll be used to the practice test questions and you'll increase your confidence of passing your driver's test written exam the very first time.

Free Drivers License Practice Test

1. When taking medication while driving, the most important thing for you to do is:
2. When planning to make a left turn across an intersection and you are waiting in the middle of the intersection for the traffic to clear, your front tires should be turned:
3. When you want to change lanes, you can see if another vehicle is in your blind spot:
4. When entering a freeway on an on-ramp, you should:
5. When driving in adverse conditions, the proper speed to travel is:
6. If your car begins to skid, on a slippery surface you should:
7. When passing another vehicle, you can exceed the posted speed limit:

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