Voter Registration in Delaware

Attention:Information for voters and requirements for voting may change. Please check with the State Election Commissioner's Department of Elections website to get current information and any updated voter identification that may be required at your polling place.

Voter Registration in Delaware

When you register to vote in Delaware, you give yourself the power to choose the officials you want managing your local, state, and federal governments.

Voter Eligibility in Delaware

You can register to vote in Delaware if:

  • You're a U.S. citizen.
  • You're a Delaware citizen.
  • You're at least 18 years old.
  • You have not been deemed mentally incompetent.

Felons and Voting in Delaware

Felons CAN VOTE in Delaware IF:

  • They've paid all fines and restitution costs prior to registering.
  • They haven't committed a disqualifying felony as defined in the Delaware constitution.
    • Examples of “disqualifying felonies" include murder, some sexual crimes, and bribery.

Call (302) 739-4277 to make sure you're eligible to vote.

Register to Vote in Delaware

You can register to vote by mail, in person, and over the phone.

By Mail

Delaware provides an online application system that allows you to complete a voter registration form online; however, you must print, sign, and mail the application to the address provided.

To register by mail:

  • You must provide your Delaware driver's license or ID number.
    • If you have neither, provide your Social Security number.
  • If you're registering by mail and have never registered before, you must provide copies of proof of photo identification OR proof of residency that shows your name and address with your application; otherwise, you must provide them the first time you vote in a Federal election.
    • Photo ID: Your valid Delaware driver's license or ID card.
    • Residency: Current utility bill, bank statement, or government paystub.

Once your application is approved, you should receive your polling place card by mail within 4 weeks; if you don't, contact your Department of Elections office.

You'll be notified by mail if your application is rejected.

In Person

You can register to vote in person at your local Department of Elections or any of the following locations:

  • Your local Delaware DMV office if you're applying, renewing, or updating your DE driver's license or state ID card.
  • Department of Health and Social Services.
  • Department of Labor.

Please bring proof of photo identification or residency, as outlined above in the “By Mail" section above.

By Phone

You can request a voter registration application by phone by calling your local Department of Elections.

The Department will mail you an application. After you complete it, mail it—along with a copy of your photo identification or proof of residency—to the address provided.

Deadline to Register to Vote in Delaware

You must register by the 4th Saturday prior to any Presidential, Primary, or General Election (unless you're military or overseas - see below).

Provisional Voting

If you've registered to vote but your name doesn't show up at the polls, you can opt for what Delaware calls “provisional voting."

This means you can still vote AS LONG AS:

  • It's a federal election.
  • You can show proof of identification such as a valid driver's license, current utility bill, or government pay stub.

You can check online to see the status of your provisional ballot.

DE Military & Out-of-State Voter Registration

Generally, out-of-state Delaware voters can register by mail or over the phone, as outlined above, and then vote absentee.

See the State of Delaware's website for more information on absentee voting.

Military and Overseas Voters

Military members and their dependents, as well as DE residents currently overseas, can register to vote using the Federal Post Card Application, or FPCA (Form 76).

This form acts as both a registration form and an request for an absentee ballot, as long as it's received 21 days prior to the election. Mail the form to your local Department of Elections. The deadline to register is the 3rd Monday before Election Day.

Learn more about registering to vote and voting absentee at Delaware's Uniformed and Overseas Voters page. To check the status of your FPCA online.

DE Voter Name or Address Change

You can use the same online registration form to update your name and/or address.

To do so:

  • Visit the Online Registration page.
  • Click “I Agree" at the bottom.
  • Click “Online Voter Registration Application" on the following page.
  • Fill in the application, making sure to complete the “Previous Registration" section at the bottom.

You'll then print, sign, and mail the application to the address provided.

Duplicate DE Voter Registration Cards

Contact your local Department of Elections for information on obtaining a duplicate voter registration card.

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