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    Delaware Traffic Tickets

    Traffic tickets are issued for many different driving violations. The most common type of traffic ticket is speeding. It may be easy to lose track of your speed because the roads of Delaware are well maintained and traffic seems to move easily.

    However, the posted limits are set for a reason, and it is your responsibility to stay within the speed limit. If you do get stopped for speeding, you will most likely get a traffic ticket. The amount you must pay on your traffic ticket depends on how much you were speeding.

    Another common traffic citation is for running a red light. In fact, state lawmakers felt traffic light violations deserved automatic detection and, like many states, installed cameras at intersections to document traffic light violations and issue tickets.

     Avoiding Traffic Tickets in DE

    Avoiding traffic tickets altogether is the best way to save money on unnecessary fines and insurance rate increases. By driving defensively, staying alert, and following the rules, you can avoid most traffic violations.

    In driver's education you learned about rules of the road, but over time many drivers forget these rules and develop bad habits. Try to make a routine of reviewing the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver's handbook and refresh your driving skills. For example, there are specific rules about who has the right of way at an intersection. Making a mistake could not only result in a ticket, but worse, an accident.

    Staying alert will also help you to avoid a traffic ticket. When you are driving on an unfamiliar road in Delaware, be aware of traffic signs, merging vehicles, or yielding traffic. Remember, as always, to watch your speed.

    Traffic Ticket Consequences

    Traffic tickets can be very expensive―sometimes several hundred dollars―but this isn't your only cost. Your insurance premium could also increase if you have a bad driving record.

    When you get a traffic ticket, the court will notify the Delaware DMV how many points you will be assessed under the DMV point system. For the next 2 years, the points will stay on your driver's license, and anyone who requests your driving record will see your violations. Plus, if you continue to accumulate points, you risk having your DE driver's license suspended.

    In addition to fines and court costs, you could face additional sentencing depending on the offense. Some traffic violations are handled as criminal offenses, while others are civil offenses.

    Tickets given through the electronic red light monitoring system are civil offenses. These are tickets issued when you are caught on camera running a red light.

    The procedure for paying your traffic ticket will depend on which type of citation you have―criminal or civil.

    Delaware Driving Records

    To review your DE driving record, you can view or request a copy from the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

    You can also expect your insurance company to send for your record each year when your policy renews.

    Who else might be interested in your driving record? Some employers require a driving record when you apply for a position or promotion. If you are interested in becoming a professional driver with a commercial driver's license, you will want to have a clean driving record.