DMV Point System in Delaware

Gaining Points

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles uses a point system in order to keep track of and correct problem drivers. Accumulation of points could lead higher annual insurance premiums and even to a suspended license.

Points are given to you for speeding, illegal passing, ignoring traffic signs, moving violations, reckless and aggressive driving. If you get a traffic ticket then chances are you'll get points, too.

The more serious the violation, the more points assessed. For example, you could get 2 points for driving anywhere from 1 to 9 MPH over the speed limit, but 6 points for driving aggressively.

The Drivers Manual has several pages explaining the Delaware Point System. Delaware also provides a detailed outline online.

The DMV knows that every driver is capable of making a mistake, so the consequences for gaining points ramp up depending on how many points you get during a certain period of time.

Delaware has a certain way of aging the points on your license. When you get the points they are assessed at full value. After the initial 12 months your point value will decrease by 1/2.

Despite the fact that points can eventually disappear, you must remember to follow the traffic rules. It would be unfortunate for you to gain new points while your old points are aging because the new points will count as full value until they, too, begin to age.

Suspension and Driver Improvement

Once you reach 8 points the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will send you a notice explaining what need to do about your driving record. After 12 points the consequences kick in and have take driver improvement training.

If you reach 14 points accumulated on your driving record then you will have your license suspended for 4 months.

Accumulating points can be a difficult situation to correct. Be responsible and the first time you get points on your record, take the driver improvement course. Not only will you learn how to be a safer driver, you will get to remove three points from your driving record.

Checking the Status of Your License

Whenever you need or want to check the status of your driver's license, you can order a driving record report.

Hardship Waiver

The DMV doesn't want you to lose your job or go into financial distress because your license has been suspended. You can choose to participate in the Driver Improvement Problem Driver Program. Inclusion in this program may make you eligible for the occupational or hardship license.

An occupational license is a driver's license with restrictions. Usually, you are allowed to drive to and from work only; no deviations. If you are caught violating the rules of your occupational license then you will incur more violations, more points, and a longer suspension term.

The Delaware Point System is meant to help keep the roads safe for all drivers. Remember what you learned from the Drivers Handbook and in driver education so that you can avoid traffic violations.

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