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  • Point Reduction in Delaware

    If you have received a traffic ticket in Delaware, then a Delaware State Approved Point Reduction Course is a great way to prevent points from appearing on your driving records. I Drive Safely is a good choice for Delaware Point Reduction online.

    Determine Your “Course” of Action

    Delaware allows drivers to enroll in defensive driving courses once every three years for:

    • Point reduction or credit. The DE DMV will remove three points from your driving record, or credit those three points (if you don’t have three to remove) to use if you ever accumulate points.
    • Auto insurance discounts. See below.

    Fortunately, the state approves a variety of both classroom and online driving courses, so you can choose the course that best fits your learning style and schedule. Because of other daily commitments, like work and family, many drivers opt to enroll in online courses they can complete in their own homes.

    No Dismissed Traffic Tickets

    Enrolling in a defensive driving course will not satisfy or dismiss a traffic ticket; however, if you’ve recently taken a course and have any “credits” left, those will be applied to the any points you might accumulate from your traffic ticket.

    Behavioral Modification/Attitudinal Driving Courses

    These courses aren’t for point reduction or ticket dismissal, but note that you might run across one if:

    • You commit an offense the court deems serious enough to require a modification course.
    • You accumulate 12 or more points. Generally, the DMV notifies you in this instance.

    Complete a DE Driving Safety Course

    The Delaware Department of Insurance requires defensive driving courses to last six hours. Generally, online courses don’t require you to stay logged in the entire six hours; you can complete a section and log out, returning when you’re ready. Too, online courses are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    As you complete the course, not only will you be working toward a point reduction and insurance discount, but you’ll also be:

    • Refreshing your traffic law knowledge.
    • Learning the best defensive driving (as opposed to offense driving) techniques.
    • Getting tips on how to handle a variety of driving situations, including emotional, inclement weather, and high volume traffic.

    Submit Requirements to the Court

    How you (and the DMV) receive notification of your completion depends on the course you take, but most defensive driving courses provide a certificate of completion. Some send a hard copy to you, some electronically notify the DMV, and some do both.

    Typically, the DMV receives the information within two weeks.

    Check Your Delaware Driving Record

    Take time to check your driving record after you complete your course; you want to make sure the DMV removed those three points from your record (or credited them to your record).

    If you still see the points, or don’t see any indication of credits, contact the DMV.

    Instant Delaware Driving Record

    Check for tickets, violations, and confirm your drivers license status with a instant self-check driving record. Each record may include suspensions, points, classifications, vital data, endorsements, expiration and driving status.

    License Number: DE

    Get an Auto Insurance Discount

    Delaware provides two kinds of auto insurance discounts for taking a defensive driving course:

    • Receive a 10% discount for taking one course in a three-year period.
    • Receive a 15% discount for taking a refresher course 90 days before the end of the three-year period.
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