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    Motorcycle Operator Manual

    The Motorcycle Operator Manual, available online using the free Adobe Reader, is very well written and covers a broad range of safety and operational topics. The manual is compiled by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

    As a motorcycle rider you will appreciate the amount of valuable information included in the manual. You may even encourage other drivers to read it because it will help them be safer when sharing the road with motorcycles.

    Introduction to Motorcycle Driving

    Before you climb onto a motorcycle you will need to think about your gear and equipment. In the manual, proper clothing and equipment is covered:

    • Long pants
    • Leather
    • Gloves
    • Helmet
    • Eye protection
    • Shoes or boots

    Becoming familiar with your riding style and abilities is a topic some riders don't think about, but you will once you read about following distance and increasing your conspicuity. If your style is patient and relaxed then you will be safer on the road. Hurrying to pass or cut in front of other vehicles while riding a motorcycle, is very dangerous.

    To increase the likelihood that other drivers will spot you clearly and immediately, consider wearing a bright colored jacket or helmet. Also, keep your headlamp on at all times―even daylight hours.

    You don't have to be a distance runner or fitness fanatic to operate a motorcycle, but Delaware wants you to be in shape. When driving a motorcycle don't drink or take drugs. A lot of motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol.

    To keep up with your work and social commitments you might get tired. Don't climb on your bike for a nice Sunday drive if you are short on sleep. To learn more about fatigue read section three of the Motorcycle Operators Manual.

    Testing Preparation

    The manual is organized to help you follow along with the primary topics of motorcycle driving. On each page, the margin lists the primary topic to help you find the information you need. Preparing for the written and road skills tests can be done using the manual. Read it carefully paying attention to how the information is presented and organized.

    Sample questions are included to help you prepare for the written exam. You can use the sample questions as a practice test.

    Realistic diagrams are also included in the manual to help you plan for driving situations like intersections and passing cars. You can use the diagrams to think through certain situations that might come up or even visualize how you might handle a regular turn or intersection.

    Driving a motorcycle isn't like operating a car. The motorcycle manual covers some of these distinguishing characteristics, like group riding and passengers. You will want to practice adapting your driving styles when you have a passenger or are traveling with other riders.

    Once you pass the tests and have your motorcycle endorsement, don't quit learning yet. You can review the manual anytime to answer questions you might have or to refresh your knowledge. Avoiding accidents requires continuous effort.

    Many cycle riders join motorcycle clubs or associations; club members can be a great source of safety information and helpful driving tips. Delaware wants you to enjoy driving your motorcycle on their roads and expects you to observe all safety and traffic rules.

    For information about registering your motorcycle in Delaware, refer to our Motorcycle Registration section.

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