Drivers in the Military in Delaware

Many drivers leave their home states for work or even extended business travel, but traveling for work takes on a different meaning when you are in the military. You may be moved across states, across the country, or even out of the country.

So what does this mean for your driver's license? And how will you register your car when you are far from home?

Like all drivers, you need to be legally registered and licensed to get around. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recognizes the difficulties faced by drivers in the military and their family members.

Renewing Your Drivers License

Before you leave the state on military duty, consider applying for a permanent driver's license because it doesn't expire for 5 to 8 years.

If, however, your driver's license expires while you are stationed outside of Delaware, you'll need to file for an extension or renew through the mail.

To renew from out of state, can call the DMV office and ask for a driver's license application. They will mail you a form to fill out.

It is a good idea to include a letter explaining your situation, the reason you can't appear in person for a renewal, and when you expect to be back in Delaware. Don't forget to include your out of state mailing address so they can send you a renewal or temporary permit. Send everything to:

  • Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Driver License Administration
  • 303 Transportation Circle
  • P.O. Box 698
  • Dover, DE 19903

Renewing Your Vehicle Registration

The tags on your Delaware registered car could expire while you are stationed out of state. But, you still may need to drive the car while in another state. Once your tags expire, your registration does, too, and you will be in violation of the registration rules.

To renew by mail, write a letter explaining your situation―are you stationed out of state, or married to military person stationed out of state? You may want to include further proof such as a military ID or a document from your officer with your service dates.

If you are going to be returning to Delaware within a month, the DMV may send you a temporary registration. However, if you are going to be out of state for much longer you will need new decals.

Most vehicles, except newer cars, require an annual inspection. Call ahead to the DMV Office in Dover (302) 744-2500 to ask about your vehicle inspection requirements.

Once you have all your paperwork together, calculated your fees, and included a copy of your insurance identification card, mail the packet to:

  • Division of Motor Vehicles
  • 303 Transportation Circle
  • P.O. Box 698
  • Dover, DE 19903

Refunding Your Vehicle Registration Fees

You may be stationed someplace you can't take your car. The DMV will refund you a portion of the registration fees you have paid in. Because many registrations are good for several years you could be foregoing a decent sum of money if you don't file for the refund.

Applying for the refund is a simple matter of filling out the refund paperwork, which is available online using the free Adobe Reader. You will be glad you filed when you get the refund check, and when you are in need of vehicle registration again, just start back at the beginning.

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