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  • Driver Handbook in Delaware

    Obtaining the Delaware Driver's Manual

    First-time drivers, new drivers to Delaware, and even drivers with years of time behind the wheel can all benefit from reviewing the Delaware Drivers Manual, provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles. It is a useful source of important driver information.

    If it would be easier to read the manual in Spanish, you will want to print the Manual del Conductor.

    You can also find the manual in:

    Be aware that both manuals are available online using the free Adobe Reader.

    Introduction to Drivers Manual

    The manual kicks off with safety messages from the director of the DMV and Delaware's governor―messages that aren't to be taken lightly. Safe driving is crucial, and Delaware makes sure you understand that fact.

    You will certainly want to know what the current fees are for licensing, endorsements, vehicle titling, and registration; all this information is included in the first section of the manual.

    Drivers Licensing Information

    The manual outlines the two or three-step process for getting your Delaware driver's license. If you are applying for a new license you will want to carefully read this section.

    Qualifications, exemptions, documents, and restrictions are explained. For example, this section outlines the primary and secondary documents you should bring when you apply for a driver's license.

    The types of driver licenses can be somewhat confusing because there are learner categories for different driver age groups. Remember, the DMV offices are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

    There are also different classes and endorsements you will want to learn about. Perhaps you need just a regular Class D operator's license; the Class D has the fewest exam requirements.

    If you are applying for a CDL you will want to review all the classes and endorsements. You will also need to study the Commercial Driver's Manual.

    In the course of your driving career you may have problems with your license. This section of the manual covers the DMV Point System, suspensions, revocations, and habitual offenders, and other serious topics such as drinking and driving, drugs, and reexamination for medical reasons.

    Vehicle Equipment Titling and Registration

    Delaware has a thorough but organized registration process. The third section of the manual reviews the process including title transfers, license plates, and auto insurance.

    This section also informs you of how to handle renewing our registration if you're out of state, and reminds you to carry your registration and insurance card in the vehicle at all times. If you have an accident or get stopped for a vehicle code violation you will need these important documents.

    Rules of the Road

    If you want to study substantial driving rules and practices this section will give you plenty of information to learn. Though you might be inclined to jump over the first three sections to get to the fourth―don't. The early sections set the tone and expectation for the rest of the manual.

    Rules of the road will teach you the nuts and bolts of driving in Delaware. Topics like traffic signals, state laws, speed, parking, and sharing the road are presented with drawings and diagrams to help you process the information.

    You may think there is too much information to absorb but over time will master all the traffic rules. With practice, interpreting road signs will become second nature to you.

    Driving Skills and Safety Tips

    It is appropriate that the manual wraps up with safety tips and driving skills because safety should be your top priority. Developing safe driving habits takes time.

    For example, this section covers topics such as checking your vehicle before you start driving, staying alert, avoiding heavy traffic, and defensive driving.

    If you study then practice some of the vehicle emergency tips found in section five you will have those skills when you enter a skid or blow a tire.

    The DMV accident reporting procedure is summarized in section five. Essentially, you are required to report all accidents, especially the more serious ones such as those involving driving under the influence (DUI), but if there is no damage or injury you may just exchange insurance information.

    If your insurance company doesn't provide you with an accident report form you can use the one included in the manual.

    The Delaware Drivers Manual includes all the information you should need to get your driver's license, title your vehicle, register your car, and get license plates or tags. Remember, additional information is always available at any DMV office where the motto is "First Class Service from the First State".

    Motorcycle Manual

    For motorcycle drivers, the DMV provides a separate Motorcycle Operators' Manual for biker-specific information.

    Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual

    For commercial drivers in Delaware, the DMV provides the Commercial Driver License manual, in both English and Spanish.

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