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  • Personal Injury in Delaware

    Personal injury can take place in any setting, but many times it comes about during a car accident. Accidents are physically, emotionally, and financially upsetting. Adding to the often overwhelming situation is each person's perspective on what happened. If you are involved in an car accident where someone is hurt, you must help the injured person, and notify the police.

    Accident Reporting

    Usually, when there is an accident the police find the scene pretty quickly. However, if someone is injured you are required to notify the police when:

    • One of the drivers appears impaired from alcohol or drugs
    • Estimated property damage is more than $500 and the accident occurred on a public road
    • Someone is injured or killed

    The police officer will fill out a form but you will want to fill one out too. If you are injured ask someone to help you as soon as you are able to complete an accident form. The longer you wait the harder it will be to remember the details of the incident.

    You can expect your perception of the accident to be different than the other drivers. Witnesses can be helpful when they share their perspective, too.

    After the Accident

    After the accident your insurance company will want to speak with you. If your vehicle is damaged you'll need to figure out repairs and if you are injured you'll have medical expenses. You might even miss time from work because you are hospitalized, recovering, or attending traffic court.

    Consider meeting with an attorney to be sure you are handling the entire situation properly. It can be complicated and making a mistake in the process may cost you a lot of heartache and even financial burden.

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