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  • Traffic Schools in Connecticut

    Although Connecticut doesn't offer any type of traffic school that allows participants to dismiss tickets or have points taken off their license, the state does offer a few driving-related programs.

    Operator Retraining Program

    Drivers who are 25 or older who have at least three moving or suspension violation convictions on their driving record must attend this program. It's also required for those younger than 25 with at least two of these types of convictions.

    If you don't complete the program, your license will be suspended until the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) receives notice from an approved school that you've fulfilled your obligation. It's best to complete the program at least two weeks before your suspension date.

    By taking the class, you'll learn how to modify dangerous driving behavior and review safe driving practices.

    The class costs $60. Call one of these approved providers for information on their class times and locations:

    • A Better Connecticut Driver at (866) 236-6989
    • Driving School Association of America at (800) 804-6051
    • The National Safety Council at (800) 210-6407
    • National Traffic Safety Institute at (800) 733-6874

    Those failing to complete the class before their effective suspension date will have to pay a $125 restoration fee after completing the class. You'll need to send a check or money order made payble to the DMV to:

    • Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Driver Services Division
    • 60 State St.
    • Wethersfield, CT 06161-2525

    You can't resume driving until you receive notification from the department that your license has been reinstated.

    Accident Prevention Course

    Here's some welcome news if you're 62 or older: By completing a state-approved accident prevention course, you'll receive a discount on your automobile insurance. The discount is at least 5%, but your insurance company may offer a higher discount.

    For more information on the program, contact one of the following approved providers:

    To receive the discount, you must provide proof of successful completion of the course to the DMV.

    Motorcycle Safety Course

    By successfully completing an authorized motorcycle rider education course, Connecticut motorcycle drivers will receive a 10% discount on their liability insurance. Call (800) 872-RIDE for details on the program.

    Insurance Discounts

    Insurance discounts are often available for those younger than 62 (including teenagers) by taking an acceptable driving safety class. Contact your insurance company for details, or check with driving schools in your area.

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