Lemon Law Attorneys in Connecticut

SUMMARY: Lemon Law Attorneys in Connecticut

If your new vehicle turns out be a lemon and you can't seem to get the compensation you want from the manufacturer, consider hiring a CT lemon law attorney. A lawyer can help you file a complaint and make sure you're reimbursed for your faulty vehicle.

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Hire a Lemon Law Attorney in CT

Getting stuck with a lemon isn't fun, especially if the vehicle manufacturer is being difficult and not reimbursing you in full. When this happens, you should look for a lemon law attorney to help you resolve your issue.

Make sure you do your research before committing to a lemon law attorney. You'll want a lawyer that:

  • Is familiar with Connecticut lemon law.
    • Lemon laws vary from state to state, so make sure you hire an attorney that knows all the fine details of CT's law.
  • Has a proven track record.
    • Hire someone you can trust and has a history of winning cases.
  • Is affordable.
    • Make sure you understand all payment terms and how much is owed.
  • Comes recommended.

Benefits of Hiring a Connecticut Lawyer

If you're having issues with a vehicle manufacturer when dealing with a lemon, a Connecticut lawyer can help by:

  • Negotiating with the manufacturer.
  • Ensuring the manufacturer is obeying the law by providing full compensation.
  • Collecting all required documents (including receipts) and submitting them as part of your case.
  • Taking the stress out of handling your complaint.

Having a lemon law attorney on your side can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Is My Vehicle a Lemon?

In Connecticut, your vehicle may be covered under the lemon law if:

  • It is brand new.
  • You bought it within the last 2 years OR you've only driven 24,000 miles or less.

Your vehicle will be considered a lemon if:

  • 4 attempts have been made to repair a defect, to no effect.
    • The defect results in the vehicle not conforming to the manufacturer's warranty.
  • It has been inoperable for a total of 30 days or longer for any defects.
  • 2 attempts or more have been made to repair a serious defect that can cause a serious injury or even death.
    • A claim may be made within 1 year of buying the vehicle or during the express warranty period.

If you need more information to help you determine whether or not your vehicle is covered under the lemon law, visit our Lemon Law in Connecticut page.

How to File a Complaint in CT

If you believe your vehicle is a lemon, you will need to take the issue up with the vehicle manufacturer. In some cases, you must notify the manufacturer in writing. Check your car manual for instructions.

You will then need to submit a complaint to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

In some cases, the manufacturer will admit fault and offer either:

  • A full refund.
  • A replacement vehicle.

However, sometimes lemon law cases aren't so simple. If you feel like you need additional support to help you win your case, you should hire a CT lemon law attorney. A lawyer can represent you at your court hearing and relieve you of some of the stress and responsibility.

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