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  • Change of Address in Connecticut

    A lot can happen during the term of your Connecticut driver's license.

    You may move (multiple times). You may get married, divorced, or married and divorced. You may decide to donate your organs and tissues in the event of your death, or decide not to donate. You may legally change your name or you may even change your gender. Any or all such changes must be accurately reflected on your driver's license, and likely your vehicle registration as well.

    To make any of these changes, you will need to contact the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, which allows changes to be processed by mail or in person. But you need to do it. Your driver's license is your official ID, and it's very important that it be correct. If it isn't, you may be liable for penalties. So make sure that any and all changes to your license are promptly taken care of.

    How to Change Your License Information

    Changing basic information on your driver's license is relatively easy. All address changes (license, registration, boat, and nondriver photo ID), as well as changes to your organ or tissue donor status, can be processed in person at any Connecticut DMV office, by mail or by phone. Address changes must be reported to the DMV within 48 hours. If you desire a new license that reflects the changes, you will need to pay a $30 replacement fee. Otherwise, you may indicate the changes through a new address label applied to the back of your license.


    Complete the Change of Address and Organ/Tissue Donor Status (Form B-58). Send it to:

    Department of Motor Vehicles
    60 State Street
    Wethersfield, CT 06161

    Attn: Data Entry Change of Address Unit


    • Hartford area: (860) 263-5700
    • Everywhere else in Connecticut: (800) 842-8222

    Changing Your Name

    You must report your name change to the Social Security Administration before changing your name with the CT DMV. You'll need to visit a full-service DMV office or AAA office.

    You will need to bring the following with you to the DMV office in order to change the name on your driver's license:

    • A completed Change of Name or Name Correction Request (Form E-78).
    • Your current driver's license
    • Certified documentation (marriage license, divorce papers, or court order) that shows proof of the name change

    If all these criteria are met, the DMV will issue a new driver's license with the name change for $30.

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