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    What's Available?

    The Colorado Department of Revenue's Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers a wealth of free reference handbooks to help guide you through the processes involved in obtaining and maintaining the various licenses offered by the state.

    Driver Handbooks

    Here you will find the Colorado Driver Handbook in English and Spanish, as well as the Colorado CDL Driver Manual.

    Motorcycle Manual

    The Motorcycle Operator's Handbook is the essential guide to obtaining a motorcycle "M" endorsement in the state of Colorado.

    Colorado Passenger Vehicle and School Bus Driver's Manual

    The School Bus Driver's Manual is imperative for those holding a commercial driver license (CDL) and wanting to add an "S" endorsement to drive school buses. The handbook, from which the written test is culled, covers assorted subjects including: use of mirrors, loading and unloading, emergency procedures and student management.

    Also find information on DMV forms on this site.

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