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  • Dealer Licensing in Colorado

    A car dealer in the state of Colorado is basically defined as one who sells or leases, with a profit in mind, at least 3 vehicles (new or used) from the same address during the cycle of a calendar year.

    A person, or persons, with this business intent requires a license issued by the state Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB), group appointed by the Governor essentially to oversee the regulatory aspects of the state auto industry.

    There are various types of licenses: New, Used, Wholesaler, Wholesale Auction Dealer, Buyer Agent, and Salesperson. Each license must be renewed each year before or on the day it terminates.

    The complete application process for new and used dealers, along with wholesalers, to obtain the coveted license is rather involved. Luckily, the Auto Industry Division (AID), which acts as the MVDB's enforcement arm, offers a wealth of resources to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible, starting with the Dealer/Wholesaler Application Information Sheet.

    The information sheet gives a methodical overview of the nuts and bolts of the MVDB review process and the requirements for application. It also includes a Dealer Packet Request form, which you can cut off, fill out, and fax to AID at (303) 205-5977. You can also mail the form to:

    Department of Revenue
    Auto Industry Division
    1881 Pierce St., #112
    Lakewood, CO 80216

    The packet forms in printable PDF versions are also available on the AID website.

    Dealer Licensing Requirements

    The finished application can be mailed to:

    Department of Revenue
    Auto Industry Division
    1881 Pierce St., #112
    Lakewood, CO 80216

    Make checks payable to the Department of Revenue.

    For more additional dealer guidelines, see Dealers & Auto Industry, Dealer Forms, and Dealer-related Information on this site.


    DR 2109-B

    Use this checklist to ensure you've submitted all requirements for a dealer/wholesaler license application.

    DR 2640

    Complete this form to request demonstration license plates (demo plates).

    DR 2044

    This form is required as part of the application to become a licensed vehicle dealer.

    DR 2114

    Form is required when applying for a motor vehicle dealer license.

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