Dealer Forms in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) provides all the forms needed to meet dealer licensing requirements and other concerns as well as documents for salespersons, distributors, buying agents, and manufacturer representatives.

All of the forms are available at driver license offices and available for print in PDF format online.

If you need a copy of Adobe Reader to read the PDFs, you can download the latest version.

Dealer Licensing Forms

Non-licensing Dealer Forms

Salesperson Licensing Forms

Manufacturer, Distributor, and Representative Licensing Forms

Buying Agent Forms

For more dealer details, see Dealers & Auto Industry, Dealer Licensing Requirements, and Dealer-related Information on this site.


DR 2042

Submit this form to report an additional location for your motor vehicle business.

DR 2003

Submit this form to change the location of your licensed motor vehicle business.

DR 2024

Submit this form to change the name on your dealer or wholesaler license.

DR 2115

Application for a motor vehicle salespersons' license.

DR 2105

Application to act as a buyer for a motor vehicle business.

CR 0100AP

Submit this form to apply for a tax withholding account.

DR 2109-B

Use this checklist to ensure you've submitted all requirements for a dealer/wholesaler license application.

DR 2109

Application to become a licensed vehicle dealer or wholesaler.

DR 2640

Complete this form to request demonstration license plates (demo plates).

DR 2658

Submit this form to change your dealership license class, such as from new to used vehicles.

DR 2662

Use this form to apply for a license to work as a sales or promotion representative for a vehicle manufacturer or distributor.

DR 2635

Application to manufacture or distribute motor vehicles.

DR 2043

Application to sell motor vehicles in a location other than a dealer's regular business premises.

DR 2131

Application for a temporary dealer license for out of state vehicle dealers.

DR 2044

This form is required as part of the application to become a licensed vehicle dealer.

DR 2234

Application for a motor vehicle salespersons' license.

DR 2114

Form is required when applying for a motor vehicle dealer license.

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