Commercial Drivers

Few professions require you to take naps and coffee breaks on the job. If you don't mind the long commute, trucking could be the answer.

Commercial Driver Resources

Whether you drive a taxi, a school bus or an 18-wheeler, this section can help you when it comes to preparing for your written test, applying for a new CDL or replacing a lost one. View all topics.

Info for Commercial Drivers

Applying for a New CDL

Get details on the required paperwork, fees and testing requirements, and also how to get appropriate endorsements. Get a CDL.

Renewing Your CDL

Find out how to renew online, by mail or in person, and whether you must retest for your accompanying endorsements. Update your CDL.

Replacing Your CDL

Determine whether you must apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person and how much you'll pay in replacement fees. Get a duplicate CDL.

Suspended CDL

Learn about all of the information you need for reinstating your suspended Commercial Drivers License .

Locations & Hours

Schedule a road test, make an appointment or get the address, phone number and hours of the nearest state agency office. Get going.

Commercial Driver Education

Read about the training and testing requirements and download the latest version of the state's commercial driver's handbook. Learn more about commercial driving.

Practice Tests

Take sample multiple-choice sample exams online to prepare for your written commercial driver test. Take a test.

Commercial Driver FAQs

Find the answers to specific questions in your state. Get more info.

CDL Federal Requirements

Read about CDL federal requirements Get more info.

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