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    Vehicle Registration Summary:

    Information about the cost of new car tags/vehicle registration can be found by clicking on your state. Find out if you'll receive a temporary license plate/temporary tags while you wait for your permanent registration to arrive. You may find that your state offers a vehicle registration fee calculator to make it easy to determine your total registration cost.

    Vehicle Registration

    After you buy a car, you’ll need to register it with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Secretary of State (SOS), Department of Revenue (DOR), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), or other local entity that sets vehicle regulations in your state. If someone is asking for your vehicle registration number, they are probably referring to your Vehicle Identification (VIN) number. 

    Before you can register your car, your vehicle will likely need to:

    • Have a title in your name.
    • Pass an emissions test or smog check.
    • Pass a vehicle safety inspection.
    • Be covered by car insurance.
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    Register Your Car in Your State

    Did you know? Branded Titles

    If you want to register a vehicle with a branded title, abandoned vehicle title, or a salvage title, be sure to contact your state DMV/motor vehicle agency before visiting your local office. There may be special forms and registration fees you'll need to provide to your state motor vehicle agency.

    Whether you want to register a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV/recreational vehicle, or trailer, visit your state’s vehicle registration page for more information about:

    • Registration documents.
    • Vehicle registration forms.
    • Registration fees.
    • County/state taxes, if applicable.

    Click on your state below to find out how to register your vehicle with your local DMV.