511 Traffic Systems in California

What Does 511 Do?

511, by phone or the Internet, provides up-to-the-minute travel information. Expect to find the latest weather, highway travel conditions (accidents, construction, detours), and public transportation by using 511. Some areas also offer ride-sharing information and other regional details; for example, San Diego's 511 tells you how long the wait at the Mexican border is.

Accessing 511 By Phone

Already on the road? First of all, pull over. It is illegal to use your cell phone or text while driving. Then, simply dial 511 for information over the phone. It's the price of a local call―use either a cell phone or a landline. After you dial, you'll hear a menu that may be voice-activated, and a list of choices.

511 on the Web

The state is divided into nine sections on the The CalTrans California Smart Traveler website:

  • San Diego (also located on the Web at
  • Southern California
  • Ventura
  • Bay Area (also located on the Web at
  • Yosemite (also located on the Web at
  • North Coast
  • Northern California

Travelers in the Sacramento region may visit

At this time, the 511 service is still unavailable in some areas of the state.

511 in Other States

When traveling in the U.S., check to see if 511 is deployed in the state you're in yet.

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