Replacing a Lost CDL in California

If your commercial driver license (CDL) is lost or stolen, you may request a replacement at any California Department of Motor Vehicles office. Here's how.

Appear in Person

You must go in person to any DMV office to be issued a replacement CDL. You'll save yourself some time in line if you make an appointment.

Unfortunately, you can't request a replacement of your commercial license by mail, online, or over the phone. And if you are outside of California and lose your CDL, you're out of luck―you won't be able to replace it until you return.

When you arrive at the DMV, grab a DL 44C form to fill out before it's your turn in line. You may also be required to present alternative identification in order to be issued a replacement CDL, so bring these documents with you.

The DMV will verify the Social Security number, photo, and personal information it has on file for you. Unfortunately, if the DMV office can't positively identify you, they can't issue you a duplicate license.

If you do have other identification or a photocopy of your CDL, the DMV office will issue you a temporary (paper) license valid for 60 days and will mail the replacement CDL to your home address.

Replacement Fees

A replacement Class A, B or C license costs $32.

Please note that DMV offices don't accept any credit cards for payment, so don't forget your checkbook, debit card, or cash. You may also pay with a money order.


DL 44C

Apply for, renew, OR replace a CA CDL. You must call or go to the DMV to pick up form. Not available online.

Contact your local DMV

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