Lost Traffic Ticket in California

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost California Traffic Ticket Information

If you've lost your California traffic ticket, check your county court's website for an online traffic ticket search feature or contact the county clerk at the appropriate traffic court directly for lost ticket information.

Continue reading this page to learn how to find information about your lost California traffic ticket.

Online Traffic Ticket Search in California

California does not provide one universal online ticket search for lost traffic tickets, but in most cases you can pay your traffic citation online. You can, however, find traffic tickets another way.

Most California counties mail out courtesy notices, reiterating all pertinent information contained on your CA traffic ticket, including court location, traffic violation, appearance date, and fine amount. So in most instances, you will be covered if you have a lost traffic ticket.

NOTE: If you're looking for a lost parking ticket, the best way to find your lost ticket is by contacting the local agency that handles parking ticket enforcement in the city where you received it.

Determine Where You Got Your CA Traffic Ticket

California traffic tickets are handled on a county level, including how to handle lost traffic tickets. So once you determine which county you committed your moving violation in (e.g., speeding ticket, red light ticket, etc.), you will need to contact that county's traffic court (see next section). Do not contact the law enforcement department that issued you the traffic ticket. Once a citation has been issued, it becomes a traffic court matter.

Visit the California County Traffic Court Website

After pinpointing where your lost traffic ticket was written, visit the CA county's traffic court website. You will find the contact information you need to help you find lost ticket information.

Determine How You Will Plead

Once you've found your lost ticket information, you'll need to determine how to plead:

The first two traffic ticket pleas require paying your fine before the due date posted on your traffic ticket. Pleading "not guilty" to your traffic violation requires legal maneuvering on your behalf in building a defense case. To help you sort out the details of your traffic citation, you can reach out to a local CA traffic ticket attorney. You can find detailed information for all three scenarios on our Paying Your Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your Traffic Ticket pages.

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