Dealers Handbook in California

What the Handbook Contains

The Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual (REG 611)  is designed to provide individuals, dealers, registration services, and financial institutions with vehicle registration requirements, including:

  • General information
  • New vehicle requirements
  • Report of sale requirements
  • Transfer requirements
  • Lemon Law information
  • Off-highway vehicle requirements
  • Special plates
  • Dealer licenses
  • Smog certifications
  • Odometer mileage reporting
  • Permits and decals
  • Form specifications
  • Fees and penalties

Where to Get the Handbook

It is available online. You may also obtain a printed copy of this handbook by submit your request on company letterhead to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Materials Management
4201 Sierra Point Drive, Suite 112
Sacramento CA 95834
Fax (916) 928-7900

And if you need the Guide For Licensed Vehicle Dealers and Lessor-Retailers brochure, it too is available online.       

Dealer industry Tools

The California DMV also offers a resource center on their website, specifically for Auto Dealers.   Visit their   page for details.

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