Dealer Forms in California

We've provided the basic forms you'll need to start and run your dealership. View the forms with Adobe Reader software.

Initial Applications

There are different applications for selling new cars, or exclusively used cars. Salespeople must also apply for their own licenses:


A number of forms are required to renew your dealership license. They include:

Additional Dealership Forms

Here are links to other frequently used forms.

Basic Forms

Basic forms that an automobile dealer will use frequently include the salesperson licensing (OL 16S) forms and other dealer forms, including:

Changing the Dealership

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has prepared a page with links to all of the information and forms you will need in order to make changes in your dealership such as a new franchise, additional plates, and other dealership changes. For example:

Vehicle Salespeople

Check out these helpful links to the forms required by the California DMV of vehicle salespeople. Salespeople are required to submit to a background investigation, file an application for a salesperson's license (Form OL 16S), and renew their license. Also, when a salesperson changes dealerships, he or she must notify the DMV by requesting a corrected license. Some forms:

Where to Submit Forms

In most cases, you'll submit business-related forms to a DMV inspector office and not to the DMV. Inspectors are in charge of dealer licensing. Double-check the instructions on any form you fill out to make sure you're sending it to the right place.

Motor Vehicle Forms

When someone buys a car―new or used―from a dealership in California, the dealer typically takes care of all the title and registration paperwork. Here are the forms you might need:

The DMV also has more specialized forms that dealers use when buying or selling a vehicle. Registration and title forms are submitted to the regular DMV offices.


REG 227

Request a duplicate title or paperless title. Transfer the requested title to a buyer.

REG 343

Use this form to apply for a title and register your vehicle when you buy a vehicle or move to the state.

REG 138

Notifies the DMV that you have transferred/sold your vehicle to protect you until the buyer registers it in his name.

REG 135

Bill of sale for private transactions. Serves as receipt and proof of purchase.

REG 139

Give this completed this form to your buyer if you car passed a smog inspection before you decided to sell it.

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