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  • Personal Injury in California

    You Might Be Injured

    If you were involved in an auto accident, you might consider getting checked out by a doctor to make sure there's no soft tissue or spinal damage that you can't feel yet. Then, if it turns out you are injured, you might want to consult a personal injury attorney to make sure your insurer takes good care of you.

    A Legal Matter

    While many people think of personal injury in connection with automobile accidents, other types of personal injury cases exist as well. In fact, personal injury cases can be something as simple as tripping over a hose in the neighbor's front yard―or as tragic as a wrongful death. There might be grounds to recover compensation.

    Personal Injury Attorneys

    Some types of personal injury cases are easily resolved, such as an accident causing minor injury. If you've got major or permanent injury, consider calling a California personal injury lawyer. Such attorneys will work as your advocate.

    Many personal injury attorneys in California offer free consultations and require no money upfront. They're paid a percentage of the award if you win.

    Know Your Insurance Coverage

    Call your insurance carrier right away and ask what you need to do in the case of a motor vehicle accident. You might have limited or conditional coverage.

    Auto Med Pay

    In California, you have the option of buying an additional policy rider with your car insurance, to cover injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. This coverage is usually referred to as "auto med pay." Depending on the way the policy is written,
    most auto med pay policies have limited coverage―usually a few thousand dollars.

    These plans usually pay out medical bills in the order in which they were received.

    If you know that you have auto med pay coverage, call your automobile insurance company to find out the claim requirements. Many medical offices will do this for you.

    The California Vehicle Code provides helpful information on claims settlement and some on accident investigations.

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