Used Car Buyers Guide

Used Car Buyers Guide

Our used car buying guide covers everything from buying online to going through a dealer or private party. Get info on test drives, lemon laws, & more.

In This Section
  • Guide to Buying a Used Car

    Learn how to buy a used car. Follow this guide to buying a used car to help get you in the right car for the right price.

  • Paperwork When Buying a Car

    Be prepared with the appropriate paperwork & applications when you buy a car - bill of sale, title transfers, duplicate titles, license plates & registration.

  • Used Car Buying Scams

    Make sure you know about used car buying scams before buying a used car, so you can steer clear and get the deal you want.

  • Dealer Versus Private Party Purchases

    Deciding to buy a used vehicle from a car dealer or from a private party can be hard. Read the pros & cons of both & save time & money.

  • Buying a Car Out of State

    Buying a car out of state can help you get the car you want at the price you want. Read our guide to learn the tips and considerations involved in buying a car out of state.

  • Buying a Car Online

    Online car shopping for used & new cars is quick & easy. Ordering vehicle history reports can also save you time & money.

  • Used Car Vehicle History Report

    Order a VIN check to learn the history of your next used car purchase. Vehicle history reports reveal info such as previous accidents & registration records.

  • Used Car Taxes and Fees

    Buying a used car doesn’t shield you from extra costs associated with car purchases. Learn about the taxes and fees your used car will likely incur.

  • Lemon Law

    Lemon law information & articles - find out if your car meets the definition & what consumer protections you have.

  • Types of Used Cars

    If you're shopping for a used car, you'll want to know what to expect. Find information on buying different types of used car and what to look out for.

  • Car Shopping Resources

    Learn how to find the perfect used or new car. Our guide for car buyers provides tips for those shopping for a car.

  • Bill of Sale

    Bill of sale requirements & information, listed by state. BBB Business Review