Selling Your Car Online

Documents You Need to Sell a Vehicle

When you’re selling a vehicle, you need to hand over a few documents to the buyer and take several other steps to finalize the process. Gather the following:

In addition, you may need to contact your lienholder if you have a lien, or cancel the policy on the sold vehicle with your car insurance company. For more information about all other seller requirements in your state, please visit our page about  Paperwork When Selling a Car.

How to Sell a Vehicle Online

Long gone are the days when selling your car on your own meant relying on tiny newspaper classified ads, signs in the window, or word-of-mouth. Today, you can quickly get the word out about your vehicle for sale by posting an online listing or auction. Since there are so many cars available for sale on these websites, you’ll need to create a highly descriptive listing if you want to get your car sold promptly.

First Things First

Here is what you’ll need to post an effective classified ad for your vehicle:

  • Starting price.
    • Always leave room to negotiate.
  • Plenty of detailed pictures, including interior and engine shots.
  • A title with specific keywords.

How to Write a Good Vehicle Description

When you post a classified ad for your car, you have to educate prospective buyers by providing a full description. This should include:

  • Year, make and model.
  • Color (exterior/interior).
  • Mileage.
  • Transmission type.
  • Title status.
  • Selling price.
  • Complete vehicle history.
  • Your contact information.

Be sure to include plenty of photos―from all angles―to give viewers a fair look at your vehicle. Don’t forget to provide interior shots. Avoid pictures taken from shaded areas as they produce poor quality shots. Before you start snapping pictures, do some prep work to make sure your car looks its best, and have all the  proper paperwork handy in case your ad gets a lot of quick responses from anxious buyers.

The more accurate and in-depth information you provide, the easier it will be for viewers to determine if your car matches their criteria. Pre-screening should lead to more serious buyers, and means you will not have to waste as much time with “tire kickers.”

Get a Bill of Sale form now!

It’s always smart to complete a bill of sale when buying or selling a car. Visit our  Bill of Sale page for more information.

Length of Time to Sell a Vehicle Online

With online searches, prospective buyers can instantly screen for vehicles meeting their criteria (make, model, condition, mileage, and price). This can lead to head-spinning turnaround times―especially with models in high demand―and possibly shorten a process that often took weeks before into days or hours.

While it’s possible to upload your car information in the morning and find a buyer by the afternoon, you should not be surprised if the process takes a few days, weeks, or even months. Use all the helpful tips on this page, and you’ll increase your chances of selling your vehicle in a timely fashion.

For more helpful tips about selling your vehicle, please read our Guide to Selling Your Car.

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