Selling Your Car

Selling Your Car

Get the basics of selling a car online or locally. Find out more on required paperwork such as the bill of sale & release of liability.

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  • Guide to Selling Your Car

    Sell your used vehicle online or locally using the Web, newspaper ads or signs or donate your vehicle. Prepare the bill of sale, release of liability and other paperwork.

  • Selling Your Car Online

    The pros & cons of online used car sales. Find out why it's less expensive, more convenient & allows you to share more details with potential buyers.

  • Selling Your Car Locally

    Different methods to sell your used vehicle and how to handle the paperwork, bill of sale, title transfer and much more.

  • Paperwork When Selling a Car

    Be prepared with the appropriate paperwork & applications when you sell a car - bill of sale, title transfers, duplicate titles, notice of transfer & release of liability, smog certification

  • Release of Liability

    Whether you are buying or selling a used vehicle, learn how to obtain a release of liability & additional paperwork from the state motor vehicle agency.

  • Bill of Sale Form

    Not all states require a bill of sale form, but it's smart to document when you buy or sell a used vehicle. Download a bill of sale form that is ready to fill out, print & sign.

  • Bill of Sale Requirements

    Bill of sale requirements & information, listed by state.

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement

    Get an odometer disclosure statement when changing vehicle ownership in your state. Title transfers require the owner to provide an accurate odometer reading.

  • State Regulations

    Find DMV Regulations by state for Buying & Selling Vehicles.

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